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Delivering the newest, cutest baby animals born at the world's zoos & aquariums!

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@zoolapalmyre_officiel Ouistiti pygmée âgé d’un mois et transporté par son père. Chez ouistitis et tamarins, mâ et autres membres du groupe participent très activement à l’élevage des jeunes. La mère ne s’occupant généralement de son ou ses petits qu’au moment des tétées. 📷 F. Perroux/Zoo de La Palmyre . .

@milwaukeecozoo Just a little wobbly at first! Here's the first time the giraffe calf stood, just 55 minutes after being born last Saturday. His care team reports that he got his balance pretty fast and that he looks strong!

@nashvillezoo Along with being great climbers, clouded leopards are also great jumpers! See them in action during our Facebook Live around 12:30pm today! Video Credit: Dr. Margarita Woc Colburn

@milwaukeecozoo It’s a boy! The newest member of the giraffe tower was born at 4:37pm on 7/13. He’s 5’7” and 152lbs. Ziggy has been a very attentive mom 🥰 Limited hours are available to see the calf, visit from 10am-2pm today-Sunday, regular visiting hours starting on Monday.

Snooze and save wildlife with Wildly App: the Charitable Alarm Clock for Wildlife! ⏰🦁😴 Now funding on Kickstarter!!! Wildly let's you awake to the roars, howls, and bellows of the animal kingdom, but if you snooze you'll donate (up to) $1 towards a conservation group that benefits the animal that sounded as your alarm! -100+ animal alarm sounds 🦍🐋🐼🐅🦊 -Support the species closest to your heart ❤️💵 -Learn about your favorite animals 🤔🦉🤓 -Personalized snooze stats 💤📈 -Tax deductible 💵

@phoenixzoo We are excited to announce the hatching of nine Louisiana pine snakes! The Phoenix Zoo has made a significant impact to the conservation of this species working with the Species Survival Plan (SSP). From 2014 to 2019, we’ve had 35 pine snake hatchlings, with 10 being released to the wild! Our 2019 clutch is the largest clutch of pine snake eggs since our breeding efforts began in 2014. A threatened species under the Endangered Species Act and one of – if not the – rarest snake species native to North America, the Louisiana pine snake is managed as an SSP of @zoos_aquariums. Reintroduction efforts are underway in Louisiana in coordination with the @u.s.forestservice and other government agencies! Guests can see a young pine snake that hatched on July 7, 2018, in the Reptile Nursery exhibit in the Small Wonders building on the Children’s Trail.

@tierparkberlin Tipp des Tages: Besucht die Küken bei den Kubaflamingos und Chileflamingos. Tip of the day: Visit our American flamingo and Chilean Flamingo chicks.

@ptdefiancezoo Exciting news! 💓 We’re happy to announce that first-time mom Yuna gave birth to an endangered Malayan tapir calf Friday night – and it’s a boy! 💙 The little fuzzy calf is the first-ever born at the Zoo in our 114-year-history. Mom and baby are both doing well and bonding behind-the-scenes. This little one’s birth represents a milestone in an effort to save this endangered species from extinction. Read the story at the link in bio @ptdefiancezoo. 🍉

@rwpzoo Welcome to the world baby porcupine! ❤😍 We are so excited to announce the birth of our prehensile-tailed porcupine to proud parents, Juniper and Razor. See mom and baby in the Zoo's greenhouse... Name of our newest coming soon!

@ouwehandszoo Kom jij het jong bij de orang-oetans deze zomer bewonderen?

@zooviennaschonbrunn Der sehnlichst erwartete Elefantennachwuchs ist da! 🐘💕 Es ist ein Weibchen und alles sieht bestens aus. 😊 Um Mutter Numbi und ihrem Jungtier Ruhe zu gönnen, sind die beiden im hinteren Bereich der Anlage und leider noch nicht zu sehen. 💗 📸 @zupancdaniel . .

@naples_zoo Happy from the lion cubs! The boys had a vet exam this week and they are growing fast! Chobe weighs 17.2 pounds, Ruaha weighs 18.4 pounds, and Karoo weighs 20.8 pounds! 📷: Carnivore Keeper Kelsey

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