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😃 Stories can make people smile. 📬12340 Seal Beach Blvd Unit 209 Seal Beach, CA 90740 Contact - ⤵️Watch my newest YouTube video

12340 Seal Beach Blvd Unit 209 Seal Beach, California

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Los Angeles, California

The app is stealing more than just my data.

He may have his mom’s eyes, but he’s got my magic. 🍼👶✨Good thing it’s easy to find stuff when you can knock twice to see inside. Just like my from @lg_homeappliances

Welp, that’s the last time I attempt the

Statue of Liberty National Monument

Celebrating 4th of July with Lady Liberty! 🗽   @statueellisfdn

Hope everyone in South America enjoys the solar eclipse today! 🌘Just doing some routine maintenance.

Instant coffee? More like instant karma! ☕️

Don’t feed the penguins 🐧 🍕

How to stop people from stealing your mail 📦📫

Always look before you cross the street 👀

Dad Magic 🎩 - Watch my new video by clicking the link in my profile.

A six year old fan named Ryan wrote me a letter with some sketches of dragons and asked if I could make them come alive in a future post. So an illustrator on my team @jkenfield took Ryans drawings and brought them to life in this comic we made for him. My team and I are always inspired by the curiosity and creativity of the young minds in the world. Let’s continue to encourage and lead them everyday to make their ideas come alive. If you want to send us drawings and fan mail, the studio PO Box is listed in my profile.

My tiny ladder was a smashing success. 👍🏼

Today we officially adopted our oldest kiddo, Mason!

Long Beach, California

👶🏼When being a dad looks more like “Breaking Bad”.

Redondo Beach, California

Caption this photo. 🌄 I’ll pick my favorite 3 comments tomorrow morning and they will each get a big package of my merch!

Time to test your eyes with an illusion GAME! Let me know down in the comments how many you guessed correctly!

Long Beach, California

If everyone picks up a little trash today, we can make a big difference.

WOULD YOU SURVIVE VIKING ACADEMY? Watch my attempt in the Full Video 👉LINK IN BIO. Check out in theaters Friday to see real Vikings in action. w/ @americaferrera @jonathanadamsaundersbaruchel

I love my crazy life with kids but sometimes ya still gotta ❤️ Love ya @rachelmking

Anaheim, California

There’s always sunshine ☀️on the other side of a rainy day. 💦

So grateful for another year of life! Thanks to all the family, fans and team members who have supported me all these years! 🎉🎈

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