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Hi from 🇯🇵! 😍knitting. crochet. woodwork. plants. farming. stones. food. coffee. traveling. talking with strangers.

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Souvenirs from the farm🍑☘️ The herbs are picked by Noi.

Joined "Making handmade beewax wrap" workshop🐝 this incredibly cute fabric was from People Tree (fairly traded)🐵 I have replaced plastic wraps to beewax wraps (also called eco-wraps) and they are just so great!🥑🥕🍞🧀🍙

Knitting loose socks for my girl who loves mountain hiking👟👟🏞️⛰️

Knitted a long that my mom kept and never used. I needed a curtain so this piece and i were a perfect match🤘  

Knitting at night🌝 i cant tell how much i love to knit in a soft summer breeze.

Im with the peaches again🍑 covering them with paper bags so they wont get sunburn🕶️

Let's get this started🏃my first sweater waiting to be knitted👕

The day of sweater knitting👕aaand fortunately i got worms to start my compost!♻️Thank you so much ayasan🕊️they are heavenly cute!(to me, yes) 🐌

🍅🌱Just a growth record of my...TOMATOES! PEAS! and another kind of PEAS! aaand CORIANDERS! Cant stop loving my babies.

Back in KNITTING! Doing little workshop at home in pyjamas🍿my student whine and says he cant do it but he is doing great. and now he says he wants ice cream...sigh. Lets go get it🙃

おちょこにお絵描きSW 日本酒もおつまみたちも美味しすぎて🍶🕊️ 酒蔵などで貰えるお猪口をアップサイクルするのが主催のお姉さまの趣味だそうです♻️

Taking a rest from knitting because i got tendonitis😹so instead ill spend some time to do planter farming at my small balcony🌱 My tomato leaves are just so gorgeous🍅

I was craving to knit you! 手が蒸れる季節到来🌷

世田谷アートフリマを無事に終えられました!応援してくださった方々、どうもありがとうございましたー😭とっても楽しい2日間でした!! Special thanks to... ハシビロコウ製作所社員、ともこさん&えりつん! 3枚目の写真は昨日からうちの子になったNekoknit出身の3匹です。溺愛中。

Poodles, poodles, poodles🐩 On the pocket tissuepaper cases🤘

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