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Nappie changer, motorcyclist, wannabe photographer and over all nut job. Official GoPro family member.

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The past and the future... RAM 2500 and the Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Portland, Oregon

It’s always important to stop take a breath and take a selfie before you head out and ride some more.

Portland, Oregon

Of course Harley-Davidson shipped us halfway across the world to Oregon where the roads were incredible and perfect. I had heard about how great Portland was as a city but didn’t realise it would be that good. In less than 10 min you can be out of the city carving up some brilliant mountains roads.

Portland, Oregon

My wonder is will Electric Motorcycles make us dumber motorcyclists? Or will it give us more time to hone more of our skills? Or is it just me feeling that because we feel we need to find some flaw in this new technology that may be the future of motorcycling? Coffee I need coffee and maybe some sleep...

Heathrow Terminal 5

As I sit waiting for my connection back to Mumbai. I still don’t know what I fully feel about this new Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire. What I do know is if this is the starting spot for electric motorcycles I can’t wait to see how the technology will vault forward to make motorcycles that will appeal to all of us. The look on people’s faces when they saw 8 Harley-Davidson’s pull up at a traffic light in total silence was priceless.

Portland, Oregon

It’s amazing that the LiveWire is the first attempt by Harley-Davidson in the Electric space. Because when you finally swing a leg over it and silently start it up switch it into sports mode and twist that throttle and shoot down the road the smile under the helmet is quite apparent. If this is the beginning the future of motorcycling is looking quite amazing.

Portland, Oregon

Yesterday was bonkers!!! Where do I start. For someone who has not ridden anything electric it is a full mind f@&₹. You need to throw away all the sound cues you believe is related to motorcycling. Easier said than done but once you can you can really start enjoying the motorcycle. But first some breakfast to help get my mind into the right space to talk about this crazy bike.

Portland, Oregon

Been up for hours need a jug of coffee to get charged up and go... Yes the bikes are fully charged.

Portland, Oregon

So I have flown halfway across the world over 24 hours to Portland, Oregon to ride the new Harley Davidson LiveWire. Already digging this colour. Can’t wait to ride em tomorrow.

Ducati India just dropped the new 1260 Multistrada Enduro and here I still dreing of the 1200. Also at that price it’s gonna take Gia a while to buy me one.

I mean how could I just put up one shot and be done with it. If you got to reminisce might as well go full out right!!!

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse

The first part but of the year has had some interesting motorcycle adventures but nothing longer than a few days. But that is all going to change now as the next few months seem to be full of some fun times. Speaking of fun times here is a flashback to riding up the Grossglockner on the Multistrada Enduro back on my Globetrotter 90 ride exactly three years ago to date.

A week of driving across the country coast to coast comes to an end. Oh what fun it has been!!! And this Ertiga has been surprisingly such a great car to do all the crazy things we though up with it.

Unpacking the Ertiga was much easier as there were lots of people to help and listen to my expert opinions.

How did you load the RTR into the Ertiga? Has been the question people have been asking the last week. Here is a dark video of how two of us with the help of a Good Samaritan packed up the car in a blink.

RIP Carlin Dunne.


A few weeks ago Debu called and said since it’s the last month of Top Gear magazine (Times is no longer publishing it from next month) he was planning on taking his bikes to Chennai to The Farm. We decided in theory we could get two bikes into the long term Ertiga before it had to go back to Maruti. So Debu first tool out the seats and with the help of Kyle and Harsh stripped down the RX and fit it in. The next day we unscrewed the rear view mirrors of the RTR and I rode it in through the rear hatch. (Yes there is some video). Now we are on our way to Chennai to complete the delivery and head back home. Oh here comes my Chicken 65 more later.


When you have a 7 seater people carrier and need to transport two motorcycles across the country from one coast to the other what do you do? Take out the seats: Strip on motorcycle down and play Tetris with the other one and strap it down. Wake up at 4AM start driving and let the adventure begin.

14th August 2017 I didn’t think when taking this picture it would be the last time I would be back in Ladakh for a while. It’s not because I don’t enjoy riding there but we have made such a mess up there I don’t wanna contribute to more of it until we can start helping in making it better. Till we can do more we need to speak and educate as many people as we can. I’ll start. Do you want to know anything about your motorcycle trip to the mountains ? Give me or @helmetstories page a holla and we are happy to help. Let’s make Ladakh great again (I my self up) but I mean it.

Everybody got them flat tyre woes...

Seems I have created some commotion where some of you people have thought these pictures are new. No they are from 2008 and no you can not buy a new cast iron Enfield. I think 2005 was the last of the Cast Iron 500’s.

The best part of riding the new Twinsparks back in 2008 was we got to visit the old @royalenfield factory. At the factory lay waiting a fleet of pristine new motorcycles ready to be pressed into service for the Army.

Looking back 11 years to when a clutch of us went to Chennai to ride the new @royalenfield Twinspark. Lots more on my stories all day.

Much chilling has been done over the last month but it time to ride some motorcycles and have some adventures. What shall we do first? 📸 @ashik2025

Chandigarh, India

Traipsing around the countryside with the family on a stormy afternoon.

Chandigarh, India

India Vs Pakistan cricket match days are the best. Cause every dolt and his uncle is in front of their TV screaming and shouting. So that means no one on the roads. So the best day to ride. But alas the father and his expeditions have run through the Metzelers on the Bonnie so I had to come home after 2 kms as they just not keeping in any air. Time for a new set of shoes. Maybe a mix and not a pure on road tyre. Any one have any ideas ?

शिव की नगरी काशी

I decided to take a selfie while I potter around the holy city of Benares.

Back to living the Ouseph Chacko life...

And there was a time when this very motorcyclist (not me the one in the picture) was afraid of riding in the loose stuff... and now he as much of a off-road as he is on road.

Getting into the selfie game and the caption game too. The edge that’s where I live... I can’t do it I just can’t. Where are my motorcycle keys?

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Duke's Nose Lonavala

A rappel down a 350ft rock face reminds we why I love riding motorcycles.


Well because @ashik2025 shot so many pictures of us in the water crossing we must share them all.

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