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A global community of plant lovers 💚 Tag your 🌿📷 with - Shop by @igorjosif & @joelixjoelix via Amazon & more:

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Colchester, Essex

How do you feel when your home is all clean and proper and your plants are all healthy and thriving? 💆🏻‍♂️💚🌿 📷 by @craigowilliams

Costa Mesa, California

Good morning Tuesday! Waking up in your own urban jungle gives you all the energy you need for a new day! 😊💚🌿💪🏼 📷 by @missmirandarose

Paris, France

Today it’s not only but also the birthday of our co-founder @joelixjoelix (also 📷 by her) - happy green birthday and may there be even more happy plants & cats in your life! 🥳🎉🌿💚🎂

Valencia, España

Is it Monday already, like for real? 🐱🌿💚🤷🏻‍♂️ 📷 by @the_same_ministra


Sunday night pool party, the Tillandsia edition 💚🌱🌱✌️💃💦 📷 by


Sunday has been cancelled, we're heading straight into Monstera Monday with this variegated beauty! 🌿💚🌿💚🌿 📷 by @vierneuntel

Plant Shop Chicago

So cool to see what plants you adopted today! 🌿🌱🌴🍀🌵Here's to more plant shopping, like at @plantshopchicago ! 📷 by @workhardplanthard at @plantshopchicago


Weekends are for plant shopping (and relaxing!), like at the cool @tlvmakers in Tel Aviv! 🌱🌵🍀🌿🌴 Where are you plant shopping today? 📷 by @sapir_yehiel at @tlvmakers

United Kingdom

Sit back and relax, cause it's the weekend! 🥳 Whether you're surrounded by 3 plants, or 30 or even 300, make it a good & green one! Anyone going plant shopping tomorrow? 🌿🍀🌱🌴🌵 📷 by @s.u.s.a.p

São Caetano do Sul

Happy Friday! Question: Does your workspace ever looks this neat and green? 🌿🌵🌴🌱🍀 📷 by @homesweetoffice

Alexandria, Virginia

Stacks of crates, tons of plants, heaps of love! love! 🌿🍀🌱🌵🌴 📷 by @jungleinaroom

grow urban

Coffee & cake with a view! How's your view this morning? 🌿🌴🍀🌵🌱 📷 by @crazycatladyldn at @growurban

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