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Urban Inuk Art

Scottish-Inuk wood and metal worker who salvages throw-away materials to turn into beautiful new things.

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Happy Nunavut Day! This was taken when I taught my eldest son to build his first iglu. My mother told me my grandfather was able to build an iglu big enough for the whole family in about 45 minutes.

When I'm working it feels both like ages and no time at all has passed. I really love what I do and that love is poured into each piece.

I've spent the last month packing up everything we own and moving my little fily across the country. Still hard at work during our stop over in Alberta this month. I'm looking forward to our new place on the west coast that has an azing shop space. Can't wait to share updates with you all.

Another batch off. That top right corner one was hard to let go! I hope they bring their people goodness.

Here's what's left of the last blade I cut.

Sent these off today. Loving those antler handles.

Antler handle 🦌

This batch is off to meet their people.

These uluit were shipped off to their new homes last week too.

New colour 🍋

Just shipped out this batch. Thank you everyone for your orders! Shoot me a message if you want to make an order of your own.

Big thanks to my father-in-law, Joe Karetak, for instructing me on this style of ulu making. I hustled hard this weekend and just about ready to ship out another big order!

Pretty stoked about my new toys haha. Can't wait to show you all what I'm working on.

Just sent out another batch. Very happy with the new boxes and stickers.

I made uluuk for my mom and dad and my mom sent me this photo of them with an ulu my grandmother made many years ago. The feels hit me hard looking at them.

Shipped out several orders this morning! Feels good to be back to the grind after last week's madness.

I always knew my mother loved me no matter what. Knowing that helped me through my most difficult times. I've got a lot of love for those who didn't have this growing up and worked hard to raise themselves. You are the strongest and deepest people I know.

Good morning everyone. I just read this article and apparently is apologizing for what happened with and is committing to doing better. I hope my fellow Inuit uluit makers will find this useful. I have screenshotted the quotes from Facebook in this article and will be submitting it to them as a reminder if my work is ever banned again. Once again thank you all so much for helping me bring awareness to this problem. I want to thank Emily Blake from CBC for covering this so well. I'm not much for interviews, but Emily was very respectful of my time and made it easy to speak to her. Thanks, Emily.

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