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🍷Cozy wine shop to taste, buy and share 🍽Delicious dinners for small or large parties 🍝Private chef to cater at home/villa 🍾Wine & gift deliveries

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N 5 Caribbean Plaza George Town, Cayman Islands

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Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular red wine grapes in the world. It is loved for its high concentration and age-worthiness. Pair it with a succulent steak or a quality burger, and you will be in pairing heaven! 🥂

Special Event: WhistlePig Whiskey tasting We are proud to announce that we are hosting a one-of-a-kind Rye Whiskey tasting with the makers of WhistlePig Whiskey this coming Monday, the 15th of July starting at 5.30 pm! If you love whiskey and rye and would like the chance to hang out with these cool guys and sample their multi-award-winning Rye Whiskey, then don’t delay to RSVP! The tasting will cost KYD$50 and will be fully discounted towards your purchase of any of our WhistlePig Rye whiskeys when purchased at the tasting event! Available to taste on the night: ·  10-year Straight Rye:  This most awarded Rye Whiskey in the world is aged in new American Oak with a bourbon barrel finish, whereafter it is then hand bottled.  Aromas of Allspice, orange peel, anise, oak, char, and caramel.  On the palate, you can taste hints of caramel and vanilla, followed by rye spice and mint.  A long finish with warm butterscotch and caramel. ·  Old World Cask Finish: This 12-year-old Rye Whiskey is a marriage of whiskeys aged in New American Oak and finished in Port, French Sauternes, and Madeira casks.  On the palate, Rye spice, apricots, plums, raisins, dates, and honey with a finish of dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and winter fruit. · 15-year Straight Rye:  WhistlePig’s oldest whiskey, and the first WhistlePig product that is finished in Vermont Estate Oak harvested right from their farm.  Wine Enthusiast scored 97 points, making this Vermont’s best!  Warm, rich, and slightly creamy. Loads of butterscotch and baking spice with leather and a hint of tobacco. ·  The Boss Hog V: Aged for 13 years and finished in Calvados Casks - A unique blend of sweet and spiced flavors with a fine balance between American power and French sophistication.  Maple syrup and pears are balanced by dark chocolate and French oak spice with a lasting spice and a touch of charred oak and caramel, maple syrup lingers as the finish fades. If you agree that this sounds so heavenly, don’t delay!  RSVP at: See you on Monday!

Tasty Saturday: Risotto If you are among the many that believe that Risotto is simply put… a fancy type of rice, we want you, no... we need you, to come and taste Chef Andrea’s Risotto this coming Saturday, the 13th of July. Because yes, in its simplest form it is rice, but once cooked in wine and broth, and drowned in parmesan or goats cheese, this creamy “rice” will transport you to your happy place where your only worry in the world is how you can possibly eat any more of this deliciousness because it is so rich and filling. Risotto is one of those wonderfully versatile dishes that can be served as a vegetarian dish by simply adding some peas or mushrooms to the creamy Risotto base, or for an ultimate experience, a mouthwatering seafood Risotto with fresh lobster and shrimps… I don’t know about you guys, but now I can’t wait until Saturday to try it! Please stop by between 11am and 4pm, it is free to taste; enjoy a glass of wine while you are there and shop for some vino to take home with you! #🥂 🌴

Special VIP Event: Please join us for a special VIP event on the 17th of July @ 7pm. A wine expert from the Concha y Toro Winery in Chile will be spending the evening with us, telling us more about the wines from this beautiful and exquisite winery. This VIP evening will cost CI$150 and includes a champagne reception, a meet and greet with the winery's representative, a delicious 5-course meal and a Concha y Toro wine complimenting each course. Some of the wines that will be served that evening are Carmin de Peumo 2016 and Don Melchor 2015 and 2016. Space is extremely limited so don't hesitate to book! 🥂 🌴 🍷

If you are on this page, we know you love wine but don’t necessarily want to spend hours wondering which ones to buy, so we will do the selecting for you so that you can just kick back, pour yourself a glass.. and enjoy! Starting this week, we will introduce you to a bi-weekly wine “Discovery Box”. The first grape varietal to be explored is Pinot Noir. We have carefully selected our 6 favorite Pinot Noir wines that we know you will enjoy and love! It comes with an information card about each wine, as well as food suggestions to pair each wine with. The wines will be packed in a beautiful wood box that can also have a few handy uses once you’ve enjoyed all the wine! Think a beautiful herb planter, toy box, toolbox… anything really! Don’t forget that we deliver! This week’s selection costs KYD$200 and will include the following 6 Pinot Noir wines: 1. MERLIN CHERRIER SANCERRE ROSE` 2018 2. GUSTAVE LORENTZ PINOT NOIR 2017 3. DOMAINE POULLEAU BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2017 4. VILLA ROCCA PINOT NERO DI PAVIA 2017 5. SERESIN RAUPO CREEK PINOT NOIR 2013 6. CRYSTALLYM CINEMA PINOT NOIR 2015 🍷 thetastingroomandwinecellar

Tasty Saturday... Pasta Al Fresca! Chef Andrea is demonstrating how he is making fresh pasta. Today we are making spaghetti and fettuccini that will be served with a fresh tomato based sauce. Come and try a complimentary taster with a glass of wine! We just received some new wines so please ask about those when you are here! 🥂 #

Tasty Saturday, July 6 from 11am-4pm! Take a break from your Saturday routine and pop into The Tasting Room & Wine Cellar to taste Chef Andrea’s Pasta Fresca! Fresh ingredients mixed together to create a beautiful flavorsome summer pasta! Select a glass of wine and enjoy with your Pasta while shopping for some wine to take home. Also, ask about our Best of Pinot Noir Box. Six carefully selected Pinot’s for you to take home and enjoy! Only KYD$200 and includes information about each wine as well as food to pair it with. All of that inside a beautiful wooden box that can be used to plant some fresh herbs after you enjoyed your wine! See you for Tasty Saturday! 🌴 🍷🥂

Heading out on the boat tomorrow? Stop by @thetastingroom.cayman band grab a picnic basket and ice cold champagne! 🚤

Supper Club: 3rd of July 7pm-11pm Que Syrah Shiraz… whatever will be, will be… Is there a difference between Shiraz and Syrah? They are ultimately one and the same grape varietal, but the difference is which region, vineyard and winemaking technique has been applied, because this will ultimately lead to a different style of wine. Old world wines (mostly produced in Europe), still refer to it as Syrah where some of your New world wines prefer to call it Shiraz, although if Old world wine techniques have been used, it is still referred to as Syrah. Syrah flavors are more complex and earthy and can be immediately or aged to be enjoyed later.  On the palate savory and peppery flavors can be detected.  A dark, deep-colored and elegant wine. Shiraz are fruitier, more full-bodied with tannins, and produce rich, ripe, and intense fruit flavours.  They are easy to drink now and can also be aged to be enjoyed later! Please join us for our next Supper Club where we will introduce you to some of our finest Syrah and Shiraz wines!  See if you can taste the difference! CI100 for a 4-course family-styled dinner to be paired with these fine wines.  We welcome you to come alone, with a partner, a group of friends or the whole family!  Come as strangers but leave as friends! Space is extremely limited so contact us today!

Setting up for ♥️ Supper Club! Who would not want to have dinner in such a beautiful setting surrounded by rows and rows of beautiful quality wine!

Tasty Saturdays: Yummy Gnocchi! Gnocchi are small Italian dumplings traditionally made from flour and cooked potato.  They are rolled and cut into bite-size pieces before being quickly cooked in boiling water to reveal light and fluffy little dumplings or “pillows.” They make for a hearty meal no matter how you serve them: baked with creamy cheeses, sautéed with wintery veggies, dressed in a tangy tomato sauce… you name it. The most well-known gnocchi is probably potato, but you get several other variations, depending on where in Italy you go.  In Rome, they use semolina and in Sardinia durum wheat and a pinch of saffron to make for denser gnocchi. Take a shopping break on Saturday and pop into the Tasting Room to see chef Andrea in action making these delicious little dumplings.  We would love for you to come and watch and taste! Grab a glass of wine and taste the gnocchi while shopping for all your favorite wines! See you on Tasty Saturday, from 11am to 4pm!

Tasty Saturday! This Saturday is the ideal opportunity to come and try some authentic Pesto made by our very own Italian chef. Pesto had its origin in Liguria, Italy, and the Ligurians fiercely preserve their traditional recipes; - so much so that it has become a national sport to defend the traditional methods, recipes and local products! Using only a few ingredients, of which Basil is the star of the show, this bold and fragrant sauce can be used in a simple pasta dish, on pizzas, in a salad dressing, or even as a marinade for fish and chicken. Please join us on Saturday, 22nd of June from 11 to 4 pm to try this delicious sauce.  We also received some lovely new wines, so do make sure to ask about them and shop to take some home!  There are many exciting things happening at The Tasting Room so do drop in and find out about our Supper Club, Wine club, Gifts and so much more! See you on Tasty Saturday!

Supper Club: From Veneto with Love Our next Supper Club takes us to a north-eastern region in Italy… the beautiful and exquisite Veneto. Veneto has many natural, artistic, and traditional treasures, and with its rich cultural heritage, making this one of Italy’s most fascinating regions. Best known for cities like Verona, where the epic tale of Romeo & Juliet played out, and Venice with its numerous gondolas manned by serenading gondoliers, so many beautiful landscapes and rivers, the fresh and tasty cuisine and oh yes, you’ve guessed it, the wine! Veneto is a highly productive wine region, producing more whites under DOC and is notably home to Prosecco and Valpolicella wines. Deliciously fresh seafood and risotto are naming just a few of the tasty cuisine you will find here. Does this not sound like a destination you would like to visit during your next vacation? Luckily for you, you can experience a little slice of Veneto at next week's Supper Club! The 26th of June starting at 7pm. Seated around our large rustic tables, you will come as strangers but leave as friends after experiencing this family style “fiesta”. For only CI$100 you can have several courses of Venetian food paired with 4 glasses of wine from the same region. Seats are limited, so call us now!

Who would not want to have dinner in such a beautiful space? Surrounded by friends and rows and rows of delicious wine! Contact us today to book your special event! 🍷

We had so many bookings for Wednesday evenings’ Supper Club, that we are doing it twice this week! Come and join us on Thursday, 20th of June, where we will be preparing different types of barbecue and smoked meat, sausages and vegetables off the grill. Barbecuing has been around for centuries and are called by many different names. Whether you call it a barbie like the Australians, a braai like the South Africans or a cookout like the Americans, there is no denying that grilling is a way of life and brings people together to be social and to enjoy great food! We do it slightly different at the Tasting Room. We will do all the ‘heavy lifting’ outside, while you can sit around a large rustic table with friends and family, enjoying some wine and company, in preparation for the culinary feast that is to come. Let’s face it, what is tastier than a succulent piece of meat, hot and juicy off the grill? To top this off, we will serve some enjoyable side dishes and fine, quality wine to turn this into an unforgettable culinary experience! Join us this Thursday, 20th of June at 7 pm! The evening will cost you only CI$100 and it will include a 4-course family-style dinner and 4 glasses of wine!

George Town, Cayman Islands

Wow how beautiful is this?! An Italian pasta platter with a nice bottle of wine and Gourmet items. We have a wide variety of products, wine, champagne, baskets etc. for all your gifting needs. Remember its Fathers day on Sunday!

We have a lovely selection of Teachers' Appreciation Gifts. Pop in or call us, we can have it ready for collection or will deliver on your behalf! This particular basket cost KYD120 and includes the picnic basket, a bottle of Rosé from the Loire Valley, France, olive oil, pasta sauce and pasta.

Spoil Dad with some one-of-a-kind Japanese whiskey!

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