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Mana. Gratitude. Tequila. And not necessarily in that order..

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The guy drinks raw eggs and chews raw coffee grounds for breakfast. Part of his charm 😈 HOBBS & SHAW AUGUST 2ND 🌎

Thanks @GQ - fun night 🥃 And thanks to @ralphlauren and my Italian assassin stylist @ilariaurbinati. You create the style, I’ll drop a lil’ vibe.

El Presidente’ We went to University of Miami together so our roots go way back. @hhgarcia41 became an integral part of my creative team when I was a pro wrestler with @WWE. From there he became my production assistant when I broke into the business of Hollywood. Scratched, clawed and worked his way up the ladder to eventually become president of production for our @sevenbucksprod. He’s one of the most sought after and respected producers and production presidents in Hollywood. Years and years of hard work - well done H. Onward, upward 🥃

That’s a @hobbsandshaw LA press day wrap and now boarding the bird. Thanks to everyone (my teams, Universal, press friends etc) for your efforts in making today a success. East coast and keep on keeping on. Tequila on ice awaits. Thank God I need a drink 😂🥃 @hhgarcia41 📸

Productive @hobbsandshaw work day - good to sit international press & domestic journalists. Thanks to our international folks for flying in to join me as well as @latimes & @usatoday for the good chats. Glad you enjoyed the film - and the film’s surprises 😉 and see ya down the road.

Team ice cold can of whoop . HOBBS & SHAW august 2nd worldwide 🌎🔥

This kind of pulsing energy & love, will always transcend the idea of fame for me. I’m grateful to the core for this connection and influence. Love U back 🤟🏾 and see ya down the road.

It’s showtime. Thank you to everyone for coming out and joining me on this one - the energy & excitement was unreal. @mkovac 📸

What a night and very proud of my co-stars and filmmakers for the movie they delivered. From right to left/ @hhgarcia41 - Hobbs & Shaw producer/Seven Bucks Productions president @davidmleitch - Hobbs & Shaw director & Maestro of Action. Chris Morgan - Hobbs & Shaw writer & producer @vanessa__kirby - Bad Ass @eizagonzalez - Bad Ass @idriselba - Bad Ass @jasonstatham - @therock’s sidekick. (and producer of Hobbs & Shaw;) THANK YOU FANS for making this night truly epic and unforgettable. 🤟🏾

Dangerous gents. 🌎🥃

Rollin’ - truck drivin’ man arrives. Why be driven to one of the biggest premieres of my career in a fancy sports car or murdered out SUV? Nah, I’d rather hop in my custom built truck that we use in @hobbsandshaw to save the world and just drive myself. Good times. Let’s start the show.

Cuz every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man ~ zz. A lil’ dashing fun on the red carpet, courtesy of my Italian assassin stylist @ilariaurbinati - who’s the best in class and the biggest fan of my character, “Hobbs” than anyone else I know. She creates the style. I drop the vibe. We have fun.

To the frenzied thousands and thousands who shut the streets of Hollywood down to join me for our @hobbsandshaw world premiere - THANK YOU. You were ready to rock and that we did. Luv U back 🤟🏾🥃

Tonight. Is. The. Night. One of the biggest and most special nights of my career — the WORLD PREMIERE of HOBBS & SHAW. I raise a tequila glass to the fans worldwide for their love, support and wanted this movie to be made. Love U back. Tonight’s the night - and it never stops being surreal. Grateful. HOBBS & SHAW 🌎🥃

Early we rise, tonight we shine. Great to get early morning workouts in with my Uso, @romanreigns at my this week. Tonight is our massive HOBBS & SHAW WORLD PREMIERE and it’s time celebrate with Hollywood, the world and especially, THE FANS. From my cousin Roman to @idriselba, I brought in only the baddest, most talented (and most fun;) dudes on the planet to be in HOBBS & SHAW. Actually, we’re just a bunch of big ol’ sweethearts 😂🖤 lookin’ for a song to sing. See everyone tonight, enjoy the premiere (and the surprises;) and let’s have some fun. HOBBS & SHAW 🥃

Face smash guy or drop kick guy? Doesn’t matter - they’re all gonna get some. Almost war time. HOBBS & SHAW AUGUST 2ND WORLDWIDE 🥃

The strength of a woman comes in many, many forms. @DanyGarciaCo’s journey to return back the pro stage is one I invite you to follow. She’s the @sevenbucksprod co-founder and founder of @tgcmgmt, manages a massive global enterprise and whose passion for the world’s most disciplined sport - bodybuilding - is real motivation for anyone looking to push themselves to be better. We support you! Go Dany!

What a crazy throwback from the 70’s. Here’s the “8th Wonder of the World” André the Giant, using my 315lb grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia as a booster seat and making my granddad look like a little boy. They were the best of friends, wrestled nightly, tough as and as you can see by their smiles and open energy - they lived like to the absolute fullest. My grandfather died when I boy so I never got to know him as a man. Would’ve loved to have raised a tequila with these men. Would’ve also loved to have wrestled them too - those would’ve been fun kickin’s for me to take 😉 🥃

Don’t be scared of the bad guys @jasonstatham. Almost game time. @hobbsandshaw AUGUST 2ND WORLDWIDE

My friends over at @muscleandmotion created a musculature & fiber breakdown of all my movements. It’s a cool visual for you to see and now have a mental reference for your own workouts and your muscles activity. Check out the slow eccentric contractions at the end of my chain dips - those eccentrics are a but pushing past that and tissue breakdown is what promotes your muscle growth. Train hard. Stay strong.

Only @hobbsandshaw would tell the bad guys what they’re gonna do before they do it - then argue about who’s guy belongs to who. It’s almost showtime. HOBBS & SHAW AUGUST 2ND WORLDWIDE 🌎

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