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The Magnet Baron is DIY home for super magnets for all your craft and hobby needs! 😀 DM for questions or hit me up on Facebook.

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It’s easier with movement trays! Plus these redesigns of our flight stands make moving these Inceptors a breeze! . . .

Morrsarr Guard are quite a challenge to move. New Ferro-Resin trays specifically for the Morrsarr Guard Idoneht Deepkin! Thank you Robo ED for the paint jobs.

Thanks @whitemetalgames! Love the work on this , especially when it involves our magnets 🧲 😉😏 We look forward to seeing more custom minis like this one in the future! Checkout @whitemetalgames page for cool conversions and paint jobs like this one.

Thank goodness we were able to get this turret fixed before LVO. Thanks @wargaming_studios. Looking forward to see everyone at LVO. .

This wonderful 5x2 magnet tray makes moving a large number of models a breeze. They come in both 5x2 offset and 5x2 straights. Click the link in our bio for more details! . . .

Santa Clarita, California

As many of you know we sell magnet trays and now we sell flight stand adapters! Right now we are having a one day sale on our magnet 🧲 trays, just use coupon code “DEC201810OFF” at checkout. Flight Stand Adapter painted by@wargaming_studios . . .

Santa Clarita, California

Looking for great deals this Black Friday? Checkout all the sales we are having at The Magnet Baron. From premium glues to flight stands, and more; you will find everything you need to step up your modeling skills! Click the link in our bio. All while supplies last. So act quick!🎲🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ baron

Santa Clarita, California

Fire Raptor Gunships! Love me some dakka. But I don’t like using extra space to fit this in my case. So, we started using the Extra Large Flat flight stand to easily store this “mini.” As always you can pick this up by clicking the link in our bio or by checking out 🧲 🎩

Santa Clarita, California

I know it’s been a little since I have made a post but, I was recovering from SoCal Open. 😪🎲 Anyway here is the Akhelian Allopex. We decided to use a posable magnet flight stand in order to make some cool poses while on the battlefield. Although flat magnet stands work too. Check out this flight stand and more on our website. Link in the bio. .

Getting ready for the SoCal Open this weekend! I’ll have my booth set up there for anyone that wants to see what I have or just wants to meet up. @frontline.gaming

“Harpies are awesome!” 🦅But they would be better if you could easily transport this large . That’s why our team will magnetize this and more. Whether you want to swap out weapons or transport big s we do that. Click the link in our bio to explore the website and feel free to shoot us an email or DM about your magnetizing needs. . . .

Whenever I see this I think of ancient ships being carried across the ocean and when I see this on the table I think “It has to die!” On a lighter note we have a new flight stand made for s like this. Click the link in our bio to get this magnet flight stand and much more! 🙌🙌🙌 . . .

Have you ever tried building this thing with the stand it comes with? A bit of a . So save yourself that by picking up these flight stands to help all your Annihilation Barges stand tall! 🤟💥🚀🤖 Check this flight stand and more by clicking the link in our bio. . . . tingwarhammer

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