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The Holden Gallery

Morning Folks! This Thursday 18th July, join us for a tour of The 5th John Ruskin Prize and an informal panel discussion with live drawing led by Ruskin Prize 2019 finalists and alumni. We'll be exploring the role of art and visual literacy for social and political change. . . . . Come and talk about the under representation of the working classes in the arts & learn more about the work created for this year's Ruskin Prize theme, 'Agent of Change' 👍We'll be joined by @rogersconor @robinsukatorn @spinning.rachel.d & JRPrize Managing Director @rp_projects 🙌 . . . . Event is on from 6-8pm @holdengallery , Manchester 🖌️ Visit for more info on the panel and to get your tickets.

The Holden Gallery

The is one of the UK's fastest growing contemporary art prizes, held annually showcasing the work of some of the best artists, makers and crafter's across the country ❤️ . . . Each year, artists respond to a new theme, with 2019's being 'Agent of Change' 👍 Come and visit The Holden Gallery to see the work of the shortlisted artists and this year's winners! Gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm until August 28th! . . . Interested in finding out more about future events and next years prize? Visit for more details and to sign up to our newsletter 🙌

The Holden Gallery

The John Ruskin Prize is open for all to see at The Holden Gallery 🎉 . . . This year's exhibition showcases a wonderful mix of work by artists, crafters and makers across the UK, that have responded to this year's theme, 'Agent of Change' 👍Ruskin would be very impressed! A massive thanks and high five to all the artists, gallery, staff and everyone involved in this year's show 🙌 . . . Free entry and on till August 24th, so catch it before it's gone for another year. Visit for info on this year's show and future events 🎉

Well done to last night's winners of The John Ruskin Prize and all the artists who are part of this year's exhibition 👍 . . . First Prize went to @juliette_losq , 2nd place to @shantipanchal and the student prize went to Chao Wang 🏆 This years prize is showcasing amazing work from artists of all disciplines across the UK and we'd love for you to check out their wonderful pieces! . . . Thanks to all who came to the private view- it was a brilliant night and we loved meeting you all. For more info on visiting the show, visit 🎉

Good Morning All! Our final showing is of artist @colinyatesart and his shortlisted piece 'Raheem Sterling- Manchester' 👍 . . . "Over the past twenty years my artistic practise has focused on the areas of anti-racism and anti -discrimination in sport and wider society. In 1996, I started the ‘Black Looks’ anti-racist football exhibition, which traces over a century of professional Black and Asian footballers in Britain (1863-onwards) through a series of fine-art portraits" . . . "Raheem Sterling’s personal stance against racism in football has resonated with a younger audience, not only is he a role for young people but he has inspired a new and proactive anti-racist movement in football. ‘Enough is enough’.It feels like a genuine step forward is being made and that Sterling has managed to turn something outrageous into a catalyst for long, overdue change" - Colin Yates 👍

Morning All 👋 It's a brand new week with The John Ruskin Prize taking place this Thursday evening! Can't wait to find out who will be crowned this year's winner 🏆Today we showcase artist Pip Woolf and her shortlisted piece, 'Woollenline' 🐑 . . . "Woollenline is a drawing. An artistic response to climate change made as a unique piece of time-based social sculpture and installed in the Welsh mountains using felted wool to heal scarred earth and human relationship's" . . . Inspiration "Pen Trumau is a 700 metres-high peat bog among the Black Mountains in the Brecon Beacons National Park. In 1976, it caught fire resulting in a 70,000 m2 peat scar, which has not healed after 34 years. Instead, it has leaked carbon, lost its capacity to support wildlife, store water or provide grazing. On first encounter the scale of its destruction overwhelmed me; the exposed peat appeared as a suppurating wound. Visibility of the scar from 5 miles away offered a unique canvas for an artistic exploration using low-value wool from sheep grazing on this mountain as a healing solution" - Pip Woolf Photo: courtesy Robbie Robertson 📸

Today we are pleased to present this still from a digital video by Chao Wang, ‘Walk With Me’, shortlisted for this year’s Ruskin Prize 👣 . . . “As a contemporary flaneur, the act of walking is my monument of pursuing freedom of access and movement in metropolis, which then enables a philosophical with blasé attitude.” - Chao Wang . . . Visit to find out more about this year's JR Prize, our Walk & Gawk Sketchcrawl and our Drawing Democracy Talk & Tour 🙌

Morning Folks and a Happy Sunny Weekend to you all ☀️ Today we showcase the work of @dannytreacyuk and his piece, 'River' (rituals) shortlisted for this year's John Ruskin Prize 👍 . . . "The materials that form the basis of my practice are constantly in flux and gradual disintegration, this erosion and movement is connected to notions of identity and the politics of space. The sites that I gather materials from allow an alternative survey of a city or a social phenomenon through its residual materials" . . . "As I develop parallels with archaeology and anthropology, I seek to question the nature of the found, discarded object and ultimately to assert their status as contemporary artefacts" - Danny Treacy . . . Visit to find out more about this year's JR Prize, our Walk & Gawk Sketchcrawl and our Drawing Democracy Talk & Tour 👍

Well hello Friday! 🎈 Today we showcase the work of @kcab2back and just a small selection of her mixed media pieces, 'States of Dismemberment' 👍 . . . "My work explores the residues of Empire that linger and continue to stain our present world situation, raising questions about the consequences of colonialism. Winston Churchill, trying to retain what he could of the Empire in the 1950s, is attributed with the words “I will not preside over a dismemberment” . . . "This work is concerned with the impact of colonialism and the process of decolonisation. Thermos flasks are used as plinths for key figures from British imperial history and some of those instrumental in the ‘wind of change’. The Thermos or vacuum flask is associated with a certain kind of British habit: the comfort and convenience of a hot drink when travelling. It is used in this work as a symbol of the resilience required to create an Empire so far from home, and that needed to overthrow a powerful one, making new States from the residues. Wax is a traditional but fragile modelling medium, stable in the cold but subject to change in the heat" . . . Visit for more information on this year's shortlisted finalists and upcoming exhibition which starts next week 🎈

One week left till the John Ruskin Prize Private View and Prize Giving 🏆🍾 . . . Today we showcase artist @emiliasymis_art and her piece 'Nostalgia' 🍬 . . . "This diptych is inspired by the strange combinations found in childhood sweets. The 'eggs and cherries' painting is scented of sour cherry sweets and the 'shrimps and bananas' painting is scented of foamy banana sweets. The idea is that the sickly, but pleasant smells remind the viewer of their childhood, but when combined with the off-putting imagery, they create a confusing and uncomfortable atmosphere for the viewer" - Emilia Symis 🖌️ . . . Interested in taking part in next year's John Ruskin Prize? Sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop about the theme for 2020 and how you can get involved here➡️ 👍

Happy Wednesday! Today we are very pleased to showcase ‘Aquatopia’ by @katrinsprangerjewellery , shortlisted for this year’s Ruskin Prize 💧 . . . “’Aquatopia’ takes a critical view on our fresh water supplies, its increasing demand and pollution. In the UK, we may not recognise the urgency to rethink water consumption, yet our choices in food, materials and lifestyle tie into a global issue of increasing water scarcity. According to the United Nations, two-thirds of the world’s population will face water shortages by 2025.” . . . “Inspired by traditional water systems, the Aquatopia objects were created as futuristic and reimagined drinking vessels, scooping bowls, storages, shower funnels and an old repurposed Victorian bath that engage original plumbing parts and laboratory found objects. Made of copper and glass, materials traditionally used for transporting and storing water, the objects straddle the line between function, imagined function and aesthetic quality… Plant-like growth formations on each piece symbolise that life is completely depended on water.” - Katrin Spranger

Very excited to showcase a close up of today's work by artist @rogersconor and his shortlisted piece, 'Sticky Fingers' for this year's John Ruskin Prize 👍 . . . 'Sticky Fingers' is a development piece evolving from a triptych of three Drug Baggie paintings made in 2017. "The initial idea for using a drug baggie as a substrate to paint onto was based on my own personal interest in the symbolism of found objects. To me they carry a very loaded symbolic meaning, in a nature that I associate with flashbacks/memories, experiences or with thoughts of northern drug culture and social escapism" . . . "The baggie was at one time to somebody an object of desire, then it was left discarded on a street as remnant of that time and place. Through painting this object it transforms it into another time, it changes it into something precious or even desirable again. There are many connections that can be made between the changes in perspective towards the material object and the subject’s visual symbolism. I aimed to highlight these relationships by combining image and object to work together. The material itself is made up on of 264 individual plastic baggies all painstakingly glued together to create sheet which is reminiscent to a shower curtain in texture and a flag in scale (not intentional). The image depicted shows a drug bust I witnessed on the streets of Sheffield, this was a reminder to the many scenes of arrest I witnessed growing up, and so a photo was taken and used a source reference to the work. The process of making the work I felt the repetitive nature of cutting and sticking have a somewhat comparable resemblance to addictive behaviours in society" . . . Don't forget you can visit The John Ruskin Prize Exhibition for free from 12th July - 24th August, Wednesday to Saturday at @holdengallery in Manchester ❤️

Pinch, punch first of the month! Only 10 days left till the Private View & Prize Giving of this year's John Ruskin Prize 🏆 . . . Today we showcase artist @robertsdalton and her piece 'The Arduous Perch of the Sitting Sigh' - Indian ink on paper. This drawing is part of a visual diary about the physical and emotional journey of a woman's Menopause and a project Gabrielle has worked on since 2017 🖋️ . . . Want to come to the private view? Head over to for complimentary tickets and join us in Manchester on Thursday 11th July 🍾🖌️❤️

Happy Sunday everyone 🌟 today we are showcasing ‘Moon Room’ by Mike S Redmond & Faye Coral Johnson, shortlisted for the Ruskin Prize 2019 🙌 . . . “‘Moon Room’ displays the inter-zone between space and figure and how they react to one and other. It represents transition and transformation, creeping out of the sewers; the frog stands bold bathing in the beam of light. The doorway filled with pipes and mimics the complication of self. The step out is a hint of change. Shadows lay discarded on the floor a reminder of our past and what follows. The milky yellow hue fills the room, symbolising the glow of a moon, an eternal rotation of life.” . . . “‘Moon Room’ highlights an alternative narrative of reality, reflecting people’s relations with each other and with their changing environment. The identity crisis of the protagonist mirrors the identity crisis of the moment in itself.” - Mike S Redmond & Faye Coral 🎨

We’re pleased to showcase @hilary_powell and @bankjobpictures’s work ‘Banknotes from the Rebel Bank’ shortlisted for this year’s Ruskin Prize 🎉💵 . . . In March ‪2018 Hoe Street‬ Central Bank (HSCB) opened on a high street in Walthamstow. It’s mission is inspired by the legacy of William Morris and a combined power of art and social activism - to bring together a community to examine how money and debt are made in our current economic system and look for alternatives that work more in the public’s favour. Heoe Street Central Bank has been the centre of an act of citizen money creation. . . . Local people of all ages and backgrounds worked with artist Hilary Powell to make HSCB bank notes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 on a public production line. The banknotes feature local people fighting the fallout of an unjust economic system – Gary runs the foodbank, Saira and her family a homeless kitchen, Steve and Josh run The Soul Project keeping young people out of gang violence and Tracey is Head teacher of local primary school Barncroft.

Here comes the Sun! ☀️😎 on this lovely bright Saturday we are pleased to present two more shortlisted works for this year’s Ruskin Prize, starting with ‘The Shed Project’ by Lee John Phillips ✒️ . . . Phillips has been cataloguing every last item in his late grandfather’s toolshed. To date he has drawn over 7,300 items, and he estimates there to be close to 100,000 in total. . . . “Handel Jones was a coal miner and engineer and that 9ft x 9ft shed encompasses my post industrial, South Wales mining heritage. It embodies the post war ethos of 'make do and mend'. The patience to fix, make and modify goods was a necessity. Now we are happy to retire objects to landfill without hesitation. This trait to me, accompanied by or resulting in a sense of fierce independence, is the biggest influence on my notion of masculinity. I feel proud to have inherited these traits.” - Lee John Phillips

Good Morning World 👍 Today we showcase 'The Power and the Glory' shortlisted for this year's John Ruskin Prize by @lucy.pass.artist 🙌 . . . "I'm interested in creating multiple meanings in my work, either stirring ambiguous emotions or inviting more specific questions. By holding back visual information I invite the viewer to fill in the blanks with their emotional responses" . . . "The anonymous eyes and mouth of the subject suggest a balaclava, an item which has many connotations associated with conflict - Activist, militia, rebel, change-maker, gang-member, protester, villain, superhero. Our immediate emotional responses are a product of our experiences in our timeline – do we experience a fear response or are we reminded of activist groups such as Pussy Riot? Do we feel threatened or emboldened? Either way, this piece looks at the power of individuals to ultimately make change and in turn the effects we feel. The crown is used as a symbol of power, but the question here is who holds the power and was the power awarded or was it taken by force? What happens next?"-Lucy Pass 🖌️

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