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On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong put his left foot on the lunar surface and famously declared: “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” A milestone in the history of humankind 🚀 ----- 🔎 “Apollo VII-XVII”, • • • Photo © courtesy of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) photographic archives | @apollovii_xvii


Making-of „India“ by @andreas_h_bitesnich 🧡 We see India’s temples and mosques, its wild Indian elephants, its extraordinary architecture, and its deep spirituality. And we see its urban sprawl, its squalor, its street poverty, and suffering. The result is a photo book immersed in the Indian present and complexity, while steeped in the texture and gravitas of a bygone travel album. ----- 🔎 Video © Andreas H. Bitesnich Music © Michael Lindner • • •

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

422 steps led up to the tower tops of the cathedral, revealing to visitors one of the most beautiful views of Paris. This is one of many beautiful photographs of the landmark Serge Ramelli recorded before the devastating fire in April, now to be found in his new book “PARIS”. ---- 🔎 • • • ramelli Photo © 2019 @photoserge


💕 @mendobooks ・・・ (A little bit) Dutch delight __ Live From F*cking Everywhere Our second book with @aks takes him out of the fashion circus into the wild. This MENDO / teNeues publication dives deep into the lesser known corners of the world with beautiful photos. From Hong Kong to Kazbegi, and from Helsingør to Rotterdam. __

Los Angeles, California

@stefanrappo‘s photography strikes an intriguing note between intimacy and distance. At first, the viewer feels a certain distance, and in the next moment they are entangled in the picture’s tangible tensions and emotions. His best photographs will now be published in July in an opulent coffee table book. ----- 🔎 • • •

Tyrol, Austria

With its rich photography, this evocative book pays tribute to the soulfulness of cattle and the special bond between man and cow, much threatened in our age of industrial-scale farming. ----- “THE COW” by Werner Lampert 🔎 • • • © Werner Lampert GmbH, @ramonawaldnerphoto


“The photographer is the filter the images must go through before they are “born.” My pictures are what India decided to show me of herself. It is a land full of extremes, surprises, contradictions, and scents. Capturing those scents in photos is nearly impossible, though that didn’t stop me from trying“, writes @andreas_h_bitesnich in the foreword of his newly reprinted coffee-table-book “India”. ----- 🔎 • • • Photo © @andreas_h_bitesnich


“What makes these photographs so special is that they allow us to see through the eyes of a man who has an uncanny affinity with his subject. But it’s more than that. He has the great photographer’s gift, the sixth sense that tells him when to be ready, when a perfect moment is just about to happen. That’s when the bark comes into play. Woof! Click. And he has the shot. Magic.” – Peter Mayle, April 2008 🐾 ---- From Elliott Erwitt’s DOGS | Amagansett, New York, 1990 | • • • Photo © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum

Have you seen the fantastic piece on @vincentpeters1’s “Selected Works” in the new issue of MATADOR yet? Thank you for such a great article ♥️ ----- 🔎 Photo © Vincent Peters • • •

Cheers to the weekend 🍸 @selmasaur’s “Porcelain Spaniel” cocktail is a delicious blend of Rum, Sea Buckthorn, lemon juice, ancho reyes, and cinnamon syrup. Find the recipe – and explanation of how it came to its curious name – in Selma’s book “Spirit of the North”. ----- 🔎 Photo © @charlie.shoots • • •

“The Ferrari Book - Passion for Design“ is now available in Ferrari-Red! On over 400 pages, editor Michael Köckritz, author Jürgen Lewandowski and photographer Michel Zumbrunn get up close and personal with the Ferrari phenomenon: its beauty and appeal, its class and power. Readers will learn about not only the most popular models, but also the most important designers who have shaped Ferrari ♥️ ----- 🔎 • • •

The German magazine MATADOR featured @lagrangemarc’s “Chocolate” in their new issue. Check it out! ----- 🔎 • • •

Since the publication of his book Africa in 2006, photographer Michael Poliza has continued to turn his lens towards the majestic beauty of nature and wildlife. With a knack for getting up close and personal with (at times dangerous) wild creatures, he never fails to capture images that evoke the magic and wonder of natural landscapes and their inhabitants. ---- From “Baby Animals”, 🔎 • • • Photo © Michael Poliza

New York, New York

“An early-morning walk in Central Park. Capturing Central Park in the fall is a lifelong dream for me as a photographer”, quotes @photoserge about his work in New York. ------ “NEW YORK", 🔎 • • • Photo © Serge Ramelli

This is the interior of the in Los Angeles, furnished with armchairs Votteler Chair, sofa Prime Time, and side table Oki. Read more about the history of the leading furniture manufacturer in “Walter Knoll – The Furniture Brand of Modernity”. ----- 🔎 • • • Photo © LenzWerk Holding, Berlin

@David drebin shot this Polaroid of in 2009. One of many unpublished shots taken from his archive – a place we’d like to be a fly on the wall! ----- “Before They Were Famous”, 🔎 • • • # Photo © 2019 David Drebin. All rights reserved.

Read more about how @adriling managed to capture this explosion of colours in the Caucasus Mountains on Film in “Volcanic 7 Summits”. ----- 🔎 • • • Photo © Adrian Rohnfelder

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