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Tarana J. Burke

Servant Leader || Girl's Advocate || Founder of the ‘me too.’ Movement || The Hell and the High Water || Bx Nationalist 🙅🏾‍♀️ || a Warrior

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It’s @blackstarfest time!!! Every year some of the best and brightest Black and Brown creatives descend upon Philly to light it up with their brilliance! It’s been the Black Film Family Reunion and trust me - it is. Bottom line. You shouldn’t miss it. I never do. This year I’ll be in conversation with the one and only @officialspikelee and it will be one not to miss 😉 Book your tickets, get your passes, make arrangements. Don’t miss it. ✊🏾

Barcelona, Spain

I keep getting messages saying “see you at Essence!” And “can’t wait to hear you speak at Essence!” Nope, won’t be there this year. Still in Europe (working). Have fun though! ✊🏾💕

When I was approached about doing the iconic @ interview with I have to admit I was shook. I knew people who don’t understand the legacy of the Playboy Interview would see it as contrary to the values of @metoomvmt 🙄 AND I knew that having so much space to talk (7000 words) could possibly get me in trouble 😏 but I could not pass up the chance to join legends like MLK, Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali and to do it with the living legend dream. So many of these interviews have gone down in history like Alex Haley and Miles Davis that the chance to be in conversation with dream for the publication was too good to pass up. Not to mention only a handful of Black women have done them - a small handful (4). In full transparency it’s hard for me to do stuff like this. Every photoshoot and interview sets me up for weeks of trolling and nasty comments. People also pick apart every word and want me to explain myself in ways I’m still not used to. But I’m happy with this piece. There is so much more to the work we are doing in the @metoomvmt and it often gets reduced to calling folks out or responding to new allegations against some famous man. It’s important to me that people know who and what we are *really* about because we have some major work rolling out soon and we will need ALL of your support for it. I also love these photos!! (eff the haters 😑) It was important to me to present a different side of myself and also to rep the Bx (shout out to @thebronxnative for the tee and @jewelry4girlz for the earrings). I’d love for you all to check it out and let me know what you think. 🥰 (Link in the bio) 📸@carissajg 💕 MUA: @camaraaunique Styling: @ovonion Hair: @kaneadama

Cannes, French Riviera, France

Cannes owes me nothing. 💫 (...but I’ll be back for my lion 😏)

I had SO much fun as the very first guest on my brother @marclamonthill new show so excited about it and so proud of him as usual. Love @giapeppers and @itsjameer his co-hosts too!! It’s on daily on FB Live and YouTube. Don’t miss it!

You drove me crazy. I want to say our relationship was complicated but that doesn’t quite capture it. Complex, maybe? Yes. Perhaps that’s a better word. We had a complex relationship. You were bullish and brash and never met a feeling you even contemplated sparing. I was determined not to bend and bent on making you see me stand up straight and look you in the eye. I was 12 and you were new and the spot you sought to occupy was already filled in my mind - so i resisted. But you didn’t mind because resistance used you and you were at ease because you had information that I hadn’t figured out yet. It was your open secret. You had decided I was one of yours and my resistance made no difference because like your others already knew you were immovable once you laid claim and neither your bark or your bite had anything to do with your love or devotion. I thought you wanted to lock me in a cage by pretending to parent me but you were trying to free me by doing what fathers do - show up. It was a dance we never quite perfected but when you hit the mark you hit it perfectly. And however much we stepped on and bumped heads clumsily learning our dance it seemed like your feet never touched the ground again from the moment you took my baby girl in your arms. Watching you become her Umpa was my greatest joy for you both. It showed me just how deep that well in your eyes ran and made me realize the thing you were best at - creating fily. For everything we might not have been we ultimately were fily. Learning to love you taught me more about me than it did you and I’m grateful for that. Now that I a parent I recognize that you weren’t pretending to parent me you were loving me without condition like parents do. It hurt you to see me hurt so you showed up to make it better. It swelled you with pride to see me do well so you showed up to be my cheerleader. I never thanked you for that. I wish I would have. As I watched your final moments hand to chest feeling your racing heart fade into barely a whisper each beat bore a reminder of your love and devotion. In the end our complexity was a gift that I will continue to unwrap forever. Rest well, I love you.

The ‘me too.’ Movement was founded in Alabama - Selma, AL to be exact. It came out of a need to fill a void for the local Black and Brown girls whose lives had been affected by various forms of violence including and exploitation. Many of the girls who came through our program had the need to a safe, affordable abortion and could not get one. Be CLEAR that it was already almost impossible to get an affordable, safe abortion in Alabama and there have been forces at work to get a bill like this passed for years. But we’ve been fighting too. And those of us in the work recognize that it’s not just a reproductive justice issue - it’s a violence issue, an economic justice issue, an LGBTQ+ rights issue, an affordable healthcare issue and many others - and we are not fighting in silos anymore. To Alabama legislators who voted for this Bill or *abstained* from voting we see you and we’re not backing down.

My heart is still so full from last night’s tribute to Ntozake Shange at the Public Theater. I can honestly say that of the many things I have taken part in over the last year this was one of my highest honors. I wasn’t there to represent ‘me too.’ or this work, I was there because I had a personal relationship with Mama Zake and because long before I met her she was a significant influence in my life. Last night was a glimpse at what community looks like. It was so humbling and mind blowing to see how many lives hers intersected with and to hear people talk about the evolution of her work. And it’s not lost on me that she was just a young, determined poet and writer in her 20s with an idea before For Colored Girls became the phenomenon that it became. It became what we know of it now because people believed in her talent and supported her dreams. I listened to those stories last night and it reminded me of my circle of friends and how we lift each other and hold each other up or down. I also loved that this celebration was by and for her family and friends and peers and *they* performed for *her*. Y’all, members from the original ensembles were there - from The Public, PBS, and even when there was only one colored girl in its first iteration. They danced and sang and celebrated and shared themselves and her life with us. It was what my spirit needed. Unfortunately, I missed out recording Trazana Beverly - the original Lady in Red who was the first Black woman to win a Tony for Best Actress for her role in FCG, last night performing A Laying on of Hands - but check my InstaStories for the cast singing I found in myself immediately after. I hope it blesses you as it did me.

Movements are made up of people. Last night I had the honor of shining a light on *these* beautiful people in *this* movement. The @breakthroughtv Awards honored leaders in the movement to end violence and asked me to select folks doing - these women represent some of the best of the work happening to protect and support survivors of violence in communities of color and communities and beyond. Congratulations to @lovewithaccountability (Aishah Shahida Simmons); @kalimahthelocmama of @sashacenter; @tellsomebodymovement (Aleesha Barlow); @officialmuterkelly founders @kenyette_tish and @suiteladyoro and @afroboricua3 (Luz Benbow). Love to you all! 💕

This Nigel Shelby story has been haunting me for days. It’s so heart breaking to think about a child so young being bullied - literally - to death for living out loud. And as the mother of a child who was bullied I know how far kids go and how close to the edge young folks are pushed. As much co-opting as there is of culture there’s still way too much stigma and, of course, danger on lives. Praying for this child’s family and community. 💕 Image Created by @kendrickdaye of @equalityequation

I love this picture! ❤️🖤💚 @fiyawata ・・・ I like this picture. Of me and my girl. At @blackstarfest. In @ovonion, By @365ken & @rashidzakat. Thanks.

The tour continues!! This week we will be rolling in to North Carolina Central University and I’m bringing my girl @thejessiewoo to join me, @fiyawata and @wade_davis28. This will be good! See registration info below. 💕 @metoomvmt @get_reposter This Thursday, the Tour is pulling up on North Carolina Central (@NCCUEagle) to have real and candid conversations about building consent culture on campus. The day will begin with a strategic convening for students and administrators with @taranajaneen & @fiyawata, followed by a men’s workshop facilitated by @wade_davis28. In the evening, Tarana, Yaba and Wade will be joined by comedian & host Jessie Woo (@thejessiewoo) for a fireside chat. Here are the deets: Date: Thursday, April 18 Time: 7:00-8:30pm Location: NCCU's School of Education Address: 700 Cecil Street, Durham, NC 27707 Registration does not guarantee admission, so come early to ensure entry. About Jessie Woo Comedian and host, Jessie Woo got her start in entertainment creating and producing her own content on social media. After being laid off from her job in New York, The Florida International University graduate took her imagination to Instagram as a way to keep at bay and wound up bringing joy to a legion of followers. Today, the Miami native has become a highly sought after television personality. She was recently named co-host of Twitter’s new live streaming series, “Power Star Live,” (@powerstarlive) produced by Will Packer Media (@willpackermedia). She also serves as host and writer for BET Digital’s “Breaks” and “Black To Life” . ✨✨✨✨ See you Thursday!

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