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Alex St. Pierre

Pointing convex glass at something and seeing if it’ll share its secrets//📸📽//LA//PDX//Civilian

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Eventide//Jesus, don't want me for a sunbeam, Sunbeams are never made like me, Don't expect me to cry...Don't ever ask your love of me//Rockaway Beach

Straight Faced//When sadness fills your heart, and sorrow hides the longing to be free, when things go wrong each day, you fix your mind to escape your misery//Portland

Unhappiness now served//Hear the unloved weeping like rain, Guard your sleep from the sound of their pain, long gone, long gone, long gone, and out of this world//Portland

Oceanside, Oregon

Ryan//My mind is like a spring in a clock, It won't unwind, I can't see, can't think, can't feel, I'm out of time, I'm up, then I'm down now,Tell me where is it going to end//Oceanside

Trashed//I’ve been waiting here, I’ve been holding near, all the memories, all the memories, It’s been hard to do, not to think of you, how it could be//Portland

Bluetile Boys (well some of them)// South Carolina does Portland//Lovers Video Stoked to have been able to show you around the city/meet you all/skate, can’t wait till the next time!

Free//Lost my way on the other side, I know why, I don’t know when, from the way that we said goodbye, I knew I’d never see you again//Rockaway Beach

Party people//Couldn’t ask for a better group to celebrate Dylan’s wedding with//Washougal

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