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Austin, TX 📩

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Man, 2019 has been wild. So far it’s been a year of (for lack of a less “bro” term) grinding and getting today’s in line so that tomorrow is a bit brighter. Most of that is not anything I can come up with clever enough hashtags for, and also not anything glamorous or . Here’s a shot of a cool car on a cooler day in the not so cool desert. Currently mapping out a bike trip to Big Bend this summer. Any takers?

Austin, Texas

Thank the lord baby jesus for fast motorcycles and 10fps shutters. Happy weekend y’all.

Austin, Texas

I’ll take one of each 💸

Austin, Texas

@handbuiltshow was super rad. So much going on there - I kept catching myself stuck in photographer mode and not taking the time to experience what’s actually happening around me. @superhooligans races were intense as ever. I saw a guy dump a brand new FTR1200 on the TT track. Totally missed the Moto GP. More soon. 🏍

Austin, Texas

Throw back to a day at the dirt track 💨

Austin, Texas

The film from my 2200 mile journey across the states with @harleydavidson premieres this Friday in Austin at the @scootinn. I haven’t seen it yet, but super excited to share with y’all. Keep an eye out on the H-D YouTube channel this week to watch.

Austin, Texas

This year is going to be a good one - excited to see it all come together. Here’s a quick set from one of my favorite moments from last year. Some napkin sketch 2019 predictions: The Rock runs for president. Dunk-a-Roos make a huge come back. Complaints about the mysterious Instagram algorithm continue... we get a side scrolling feed, and everyone runs back home to the warm and embracing technological wonder we all know as Myspace. Can’t wait to see all of your angsty photos from 2004.

Austin, Texas

Christmas in Texas. Typically we’ll end up in one place or another for the holidays, but this year it’s super simple. My little family, some beef Wellington, and a bottle of the tastiest @charlessmithwines . I spend significantly more time on the back of a motorcycle than I do in the kitchen, but even if the food doesn’t go well… there’s great wine. +


Austin, Texas

Did some exploring with @uber on some @jump_rides bikes around Lady Bird Lake. If you haven’t tried it already, get out there and do it… it’s a REALLY good time. Megan and I are fairly new to Austin and found that checking out the city on the is a great way to catch all of the small details you normally wouldn’t. We started out near Zilker Park, weaved our way through some of the pedestrian bridges and fountains, then finally into downtown just as the sun dropped. Luckily the bikes have a built-in headlight and tail light, which made it easy—and safe—to cruise around downtown after dark.

Henderson, Nevada

Elvis married my friends in the desert, and I got to ride in a El Dorado.

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