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The official Instagram account of Soldier Systems Daily. Although SSD is like crack for the tactical addict, our IG account is more like LSD.

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Repost from @supersecretfunclub- Out of ammo, only got 1 good arm? Well, we have the weapon for you! Guaranteed to eliminate the baddest of bad guys. Just aim for the chest and throw. It's that simple! 3.75" metal pipe sealed on a 6" x 9" card Steam & 1 liners sold separately Limited Edition on sale now

My buddy @mojo_tactical is at and ran across Zed.

The Apollo 11 Astronauts rode to the moon and back relying on a computer programmed with Rope Memory Modules. The flight computer is amazing considering the technology of its time. Consider this; your cell phone has more. Imputing power than all of NASA when men first visited the moon.

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"I Arthur Frayn, and I Zardoz. I have lived three hundred years, and I long to die. But death is no longer possible. I immortal. I present now my story, full of mystery and intrigue — rich in irony, and most satirical. It is set deep in a possible future, so none of these events have yet occurred, but they may. Be warned, lest you end as I. In this tale, I a fake by occupation and a magician by inclination. Merlin is my hero. I the puppet master. I manipulate many of the characters and events that you see. But I invented, too, for your entertainment and usement. And you, poor creatures, who conjured you out of the clay? [chuckles] Is God in show business, too?"

"God isn't interested in technology. He cares nothing for the microchip or the silicon revolution. Look how he spends his time, forty-three species of parrots! Nipples for men!" - Evil Time Bandits, 1981

“I love nature, art, sports, guns, cameras and women and not in that particular order “💥🤟🏽😈 -Frank Frazetta Reposted from @frazettagirls

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