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Latina, Human advocate, kinesthetic learner, mom, wife, dancer and creator of jewelry.

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New York

New York has been adorable, exhausting and fun. So many pictures.....

LDS Temples- Washington D.C.

Always grateful. Despite trauma Despite fear Despite sorrow Despite fear Despite uncertainty Despite loss Despite conflict

Joseph Smith Farm

Best experience so far. The inspiration recieved was comforting, guiding and solidified my determination to help us all see that we are not alone. Not alone in love Peace Comfort Understanding Need Experience

Wellness Wed. Post is all about coping, Modifying behaviours And affirmations as well as swlf care ideas for emotional, spiritual and mental health. These pages were given to me as a free resource for trauma imformed support. It's been so helpful and I truly can't believe how much Robin's Hope continues to give. I hope to see it expand one day. What free resources are you using for your health?

Luna Collection. In honor of the full moon. Faux suede cut into cresent shapes for your earlobes to enjoy. Very lightweight, have capacity to absorb/diffuse essential oils. Each earring pair is $15! Come and catch some good jewelry and stay for some healing frequencies at 123 East Main St. Richmond, VA @electricnomaddance While I do some sound healing for trauma survivors for a 30 min. Session that only costs $20! We will focus on unblocking the root chakra by sounding the red bowl first to clear stagnant energy, then to invite positive energy in. Please come check us out and enjoy.......!

Trauma Informed Community. A full moon to kick it off too. Swipe to check out the resources that this group has blessed my life with. @robins_hope traumatized

ICE raids this weekend, Please share, add cities and comment on how to help undocumented families, including the children, who could possibly be left parentless if ICE takes parents from places of employment.

Let's be real. Being a mom is hard. Being a female is hard. Being a person is tough. Being is difficult. Starting a service based business for moms takes more effort than you ever imagined. That it feels like everyone is so distracted from their , that no one pays attention anymore to their greatest lessons (myself included). Im trying to be okay, even happy That others are trying to do the se things that I . But I not competing or tearing down this effort to heal by connecting. If anything, I breathe a sigh of relief when I see one of my social justice dres being acheived/started or brought to bloom by someone else. It takes a weight off my shoulders. I don't feel the obligation to help that situation because it's being taken care of. But, If you're thinking "WHOA, that's alot of pressure for one person" You are right. It is. I don't have to help everyone. I can't help everyone. In fact, I having a very hard time helping myself right now. But, We can witness others sucess and be grateful that they are showing us what's possible, While applauding their beautiful efforts (that are finally visible to us because of social media.) They have been growing, watering and tending the seeds of their success for years. They deserve every good thing that daily consistent effort brings. SOOO Take it One Day At a Time. Stay in Position to recieve the good and even go thru the Bad.

This day. What a process. So many revelations. Small, simple things. Eating food. Drinking tea. Check-ins with loved ones. Sound healing sessions for us. Deep soulful conversations with incredible healers and nurturers-Mothers. Did you know that has 6-10 AA meetings a day? All over the city? Guess where I'm going to be checking in tomorrow..... Tryna get right, take care of myself so I can be fertile ground for growth. What is the seed?

Perhaps you see the vivid colors The battered, torn wings Maybe you see the orange dots, Maybe you wonder about the carpet. All I see is the miracle of God's Love for me. For you. For all of us. My little miracle is God seeing me, after 2 long days of struggle. Sending me a beautiful, battered butterfly. To show me its delicate strength. To help me see my reflection in all of it's battered glory. I need more. I blessed but I battered. I beautiful but I tired. I warm but I have been burned. I here but I need more.

Maymont Gardens

Maymont! By Byrd Lake in Richmond, Virginia

Dinner and dessert Corn Gordita with chickpeas, carrots, onions and tikka masala sauce, 4 cheese blend, guac and lettuce. Dessert is 1 GF lemon cupcake With deliciously ripe diced papaya and strawberries.


Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage Livestream at 7PM EST tonight! 6/30/19 These flowers reminded me of the beauty, honor and hidden treasures that we as human beings, women and mothers hold. Please know what a light we can be to each other, by reflecting love, honesty and acceptance. I hope to see you mamas, dads and families who need and want to talk about pregnancy loss/miscarriage today at 7pm. Please bring questions and positive guidance!

What my workshops consist of; Natural healing jewelry Tools/materials Yoga/yoga hammock Sound bath Not pictured in the video, a dance meditation! Usually consists of fun hip opening stretches, circular in/out dance like an inhalation and exhalation, conga line style dancing (with a switching out of dance leaders) And a water break prior to cool down.

Church Hill North, Richmond

Today's visits! Teaching, showing and sharing sound healing with my business partner!

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