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This weekend family came over from Montreal, had an amazingly fun time hanging out with them, but especially showing my cousin how to play dnd for the first time.

Swipe to see sketches. Did my first tweaks on my Wanted it to match my design a bit more. Tomorrow I'll be able to paint him. &d

Some of this weekend's work on Pallet Jack. A new corporate sci-fi comedy starring a robot. . .

While @scarecrowscribe finished the last of the comic that is to be published, I wrapped the inks for the cover of an older project, Earthling Stories. .

Finished my R2 unit, went with a dirty, cobbled together look. Then gave both my astromechs a coat of shine. Love how they look together. . .

Quick lunch doodle of new protag Pallet Jack.

While my partner put finishing touches on our comic, I was putting together my own asteomech droid. Picked the colours myself, what do you think?

Richmond, British Columbia

Differences between my line work, and my shading on the same piece.

The work on my runabout continues. The painting idea was to go bombastic and pop art. Next the windows and nacelles get a solid contrasting colour. ship building

Steveston, British Columbia

Enjoying a lovely birthday dinner with my roomies.

Had this awful set for years of the three main ships in the original star trek films. Really low detail flimsy s, so I finally decided to make my first kit bash with them. ship

Lot of work still to go, but here is my Runabout so far. . . ship building

Iona Beach Regional Park

From the last few days, mother's day at the beach, the robot I just built, and grill king's ridiculous 5 dollar breakfast special at Lansdowne.

Aberdeen Centre

Guess who's finally a government sanctioned loser? This guy.👍👍

Richmond, British Columbia

My face on the third night in a row getting called out for overtime.

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