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God 1st l Wife 2 Jason l Mother 2 Chris l Doggie mom to Peace l Community Activist l MI - State Representative Dist 9 Detroit & Dearborn

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These pictures speak volumes!!! I learning that if I, if WE, do not administer SELF-Care then we will not be able to care for others. We helped each other through this process. We encouraged one another. We celebrated the efforts that we all put forth to get to an independent result. We respected that our process are different, although we are all receiving the exact se instructions. RESPECT and guess what? It was FUN!!

I do not share a lot of post about my mom. Not because I love my dad more than my mom. I believe it's simply that the first cut always cuts the deepest and last the longest. Having to make the decision to remove your loved one from the very machine that is keeping your hope alive is devastating! Today I missing her more than ever.

6 years 💔 still . i miss you with every fiber of my being.

Thank you for the support!!

Painting with a Twist

Thank you Terra!!! I really needed this today!!

Thank you! I will NEVER forget.

Michigan State Capitol

This rare Friday session I voted for SB 1 to reduce auto insurance rates. After a week of deliberation between the Senate, House, and Governor, we have come up with a bill to provide relief for Michigan filies. SB 1 will put an end to the use of discriminatory non-driving factors like zip code, gender, marital status, occupation, education level and home ownership status. We are increasing consumer protections by cracking down on fraud in the system. While the work is not done and there is more we can do, this is a huge step forward for Michigan filies and our state. I proud to be part of the process and to stand with my constituents to get them the best deal on auto insurance.

Comerica Park

Team Whitsett

There has been conflicting information about the inclusion of NON DRIVING FACTORS within HB 4397. Let me be clear, my amendment cites on page 9 "An insurer shall not establish or maintain rates or rating classifications for automobile insurance based on or marital status OR A NON-DRIVING FACTOR"

Last night, I voted yes on HB 4397 legislation aimed to reduce auto insurance rates and seized the opportunity to address this decades-old problem. While the voting circumstances were not ideal, I worked with the time I was given to craft strong endments. I turned to policy experts, fellow members, and my staff to ensure I was doing right by my district. Although we voted quickly, this was not a decision I made in haste. As a member of the Select Committee to Reduce Auto Insurance rates, I listened to the testimony of stakeholders from every perspective of the industry. I confident I made the right choice. The bill went from a 62 page document to an 86 page document. Those 86 pages outline the standards insurance companies must abide by and empower consumers to choose the ount of coverage that suits their needs. I debated with members to provide perspective on the real trials my district faces with coverage. My people cannot concern themselves with a luxury they cannot afford to purchase in the first place such as auto insurance. District 9 asked me for the right to choose, and that's what I voted for. My offered endments to prohibit insurance companies from using NON DRIVING FACTORS to calculate rates and to remove the tolling provision were adopted. The removal of the tolling provision forces insurance companies to approve or deny claims within a year of the original claim and prohibits them from deferring responses year after year. I fought for the bill to ensure rate increases must be approved by the director of the Department on Insurance and Financial Services before the company charges consumers. I stood for my district last night. I will continue to post updates as the bill moves through the legislature.

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