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Hi y’all! ☀️

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This group of young storytellers joined @HelloSunshine and @att for a week of learning and mentorship on the ins-and-outs of filmmaking and let me just say... the future is bright! 💫Everybody deserves to tell their story and it’s been a dream come true to watch these ambitious young ladies leave here feeling confident to do just that. A HUGE THANK YOU to @att for making this program possible. 🌟It’s opportunities like these that are going to change the stories in Hollywood! 🎬

Well, there goes that dream! What happened to laserdiscs ? 😂

This is an every night scenario for me 📚😂 (via: @thisgirlsbookshelf)

There’s always that one friend in the group 🤪

Monday Lisa gets it... 🍷

I’ve got all my sisters with me 🎶 New lies coming at you tonight on @hbo!

The moment when the shoes come off and the dancing begins 💃

Feeling extra grateful for this incredible cast and the amazing crew. Who’s getting together for this weekend? ❤️🌊

Look what I found in a buried time capsule labeled ‘1999’ 😂 @selmablair and I share so many great memories together, from to she’s always kept me laughing! 💫

Be a force of positivity ❤️

I think this artist really gets my whimsical spirit. 🎨 💙👩‍🎨

Avoiding eye contact with Monday like... I think @theobonaparte is onto something 😂

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