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Actor/Writer/Director/Father/Husband/Baha’i/12th Man/Bassoonist/Tiny Dancer/SoulPancaker/HalfElfMagicUser/World Citizen/Taco Enthusiast

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Fiction lovers: you’ll dig this podcast about short stories, language and character with the wifey! Link in bio @holidayreinhorn ・・・ ❤️I loved talking about all things fiction and my newest work with Donna Ledbetter and the fabulous literary folks who —guess what!?—-champion the short story !!!!! @shortstorybookclub — have a listen (link in bio) @shortstorybookclub ・・・ Holiday Reinhorn is the author of Big Cats: Stories from Free Press. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she is also the author of award-winning fiction that has been featured in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, including This Is Not Chick Lit (Random House), The Worst Years of Your Life (Simon & Schuster), and Naming the World (Random House).⁠ .⁠ Holiday’s fiction has received a Tobias Wolff Award, a PEN/ Short Story Award and a Carl Djerassi Fiction Fellowship.⁠ .⁠ In the podcast, we spoke with Holiday about her second collection of short stories in progress and one of her new stories, Our Lady of Perpetual Sadness, which appears in American Short Fiction Magazine Issue 67.⁠ .⁠ In addition to being an author, Holiday is the co-founder of Lide Haiti, an arts and literacy program that provides scholarships, tutoring, and educational support to over 850 girls in 14 rural villages.⁠ .⁠ Want to listen to the podcast? Follow the link! (⁠ .⁠

So we took a pilgrimage to @archiemcphee the other day. I’ve been visiting this Seattle landmark since 1985. In fact, @HolidayReinhorn and I got our engagement rings (Spider-Man decoder rings) there in 1994! It’s a wonderland of the absurd and joyous. Plus the worlds largest rubber chicken! Visit them online! (Not a paid ad, idiots)

My very first television gig might have included my greatest performance of all time. Casey Keegan. Homicidal Stand up comic. Because when you really think about it, you’ve only got One Life To Live. Note to all Daytime Emmy Voters: feel free to honor me in some capacity. Followers: please let me know your fave acting moments! (Swipe ⬅️ for all 5 parts)

So I did the @InsideofYoupodcast with @TheMichaelRosenbaum and they literally ANIMATED my childhood! It’s like it came to life! We talk of all manner of things, profound, and personal and he goes DEEP inside of me. Listen! [link in bio]

@angelakinsey with @get_repost ・・・ Kids. ❤️

Chicago. 5 .

Today is the 24th wedding anniversary of me and the love of my life @HolidayReinhorn. She is a radiant, beautiful, strange Danish flower and I beyond grateful to be with her on our weird, poetic journey. ❤️💑👁🕺🍄💌🤘🌵

Saw these instructions for house/pet sitter on my assistants desk. Hysterical. @mandrewsmakes

Ode to a Champion - Oona Wilson-Reinhorn (2004-2019) You just showed up. Like a brown champion of doggishness. With your waggish eyes that said, “I belong here. I’m yours. You’re mine. Let’s do this.” You were equal parts splendid and evil. Ready with a radiant smile that said, “Here’s the dog of the century! The San Fernando Valley has its canine and it’s name is Oona!” And don’t get me started on the mud puddles. You would plop right into them like a pig into stew, wild-eyed and dreaming of the doggy olympics. And when Walter came home from the hospital you laid right next to his basinet like the Cerebus of Los Angeles, fierce and loyal. You loved that boy. And how. Fence guarder. Suple coated couch lover. Pet petter petted. Snuggler of royalty. Queen of the pack. You loved your cookies and where you’re going there are cookies aplenty. And big fields of wiley dogs and boys like Walter to play with all day long. And couches to snuggle on and that one big mud puddle in the sky to lie in and wiggle in and be as as you ever want to be.

Recently found this mock-up I made for my book cover (from 3 years ago). Note the lamer title. But a much cooler photo, I think.

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