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We ❤️ pugs! 💌

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I think we should be following this pug @roamwithpug You would not be wasting time if you went to their feed to look for the picture of this cutie in Croatia.

Portland, Maine

Pug are the best .

It is the 1st day of Summer and Alfie is already winning Summer 2019. Please follow @a_pug_named_alfie !

4 years ago! Arliss was still with us. Wally was much rounder and Tonka still had a black muzzle!

🌈🌈🌈Loving the sweet message from @circus_pugs . 🌈🌈🌈 xo and ❤️

Wally’s ready for bed. Are you?

🍓Wally loves Strawberries 🍓

I couldn’t pick just 1 photo so enjoy! I wish I could read her mind. Please follow @takamasa9689 ! Xo

Post walk hot pug resting faces. I know Wally isn’t really smiling- he’s just tired and panting after a little walk but I going to pretend he’s smiling. I have hundreds of pictures of my pugs “smiling” and they make me so happy! Good night pug peeps. Sweet dres!

Be still my puggy heart. Those little feet underwater. ❤️ Please follow @franiothepug

Another pug living their best life!

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