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I work on molecular systematics of plants. Always looking for new species to stare at. WI➡️OR➡️NM➡️FL

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These edible honey mesquite pods taste EXACTLY like a strawberry-banana smoothie! The green pods are super bitter though. (Prosopis glandulosa)

Las Cruces, New Mexico

I was excited to meet Vitex agnus-castus when I first moved to NM. It grows a lot like in many ways. It's nearly as smelly, but sort of sage-like rather than skunky. I grew this one from seed provided by @the_urban_botanist .

Jemez Springs, New Mexico

I found my all-time favorite plant in northern New Mexico. This was the most colorful population I've ever seen! If you're familiar with Monarda fistulosa var. menthifolia, maybe the colors on the calyx will be impressive.

Jemez Mountains

Wild strawberries from the Jemez Mountains. (Fragaria sp.)

Aguirre Springs National Recreation Area

See the second photo for sotol Cheetos. (Dasylirion wheeleri)

Some stuff from my hike today. As far as I know, the second photo is the first recorded occurence of Monarda fistulosa in flower in the Organs.

These stamens look like fiber optic tufts. (Acaciella angustissima var texensis)

I shined a UV light on my western spotted horsemint to see if anything interesting would happen. The result: kinda. (Monarda punctata var. occidentalis)

I've been swamped with my thesis defense, so I haven't had a lot of time to go botanizing lately. I get my fix by checking plants in the greenhouse. My Monarda hybrid is doing so well!

Chaparral, New Mexico

Looks a little like a spiny peyote, but nope, it's Echinocactus horizontalis. PSA, don't harvest wild cacti. I'm putting my new BLM collecting license to use with this cactus.

Organ, New Mexico

The first foxtail cactus I've ever seen. And it's in full flower! (Escobaria vivipara var. neomexicana)

My Monarda is all grown up. I started it from wild seed in the greenhouse because I didn't have a solid ID on the population. Now I know it's Monarda punctata var. occidentalis, and chromosome counts are on the way. The flowers smell like baby oil (some unknown proprietary fragrance), and the leaves smell like thyme.

People commented that my last post was in nature (fair enough), so here is a post that is undeniably non... It's a budding pitcher on a pitcher plant in the greenhouse.

New Mexico

I'm using a paperclip to simulate a hummingbird beak in this Salvia greggii flower. The trigger mechanism slaps some pollen on the "beak" and the hummingbird goes on to pollinate the next flower.

New Mexico

Giant asparagus relative "soaptree yucca". (Yucca elata ssp. elata)

Achenback Canyon

"Antelope-horns" milkweed (Asclepias asperula ssp. asperula)

Mesquite, New Mexico

Blue cinder from the dunes west of Mesquite. Some kind of iron oxidization?

Tortugas Mountain Observatory

It's hedgehog cactus flowering season in this part of the Chihuahuan Desert. (Echinocereus coccineus ssp. rosei)

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