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Love this team, love its captains, love this headline!

Love love love @dianaweymar and her @tinypricksproject. If you’re in NYC, don’t miss her show up at @linguafrancanyc. If you aren’t, follow the Instagram account: it gives life. Photo by @bfa

Fact-check: There are a few posts circulating that say a woman drafted the Alabama ban. According to @npr and @nytimes, the bill was drafted by Eric Johnston, Alabama Pro-Life Coalition president. Its a travesty that the bill was signed by a woman (Gov Kay Ivey) but I’m not sure where the rumor started that it was drafted by a woman. If you’ve read something that we’ve missed, pls let me know. ❤️

Repost @thecut ・・・ Senator Elizabeth Warren rolled out a comprehensive strategy for protecting the right to an abortion today, making her the first major presidential candidate to do so this year. In it, the senator urges Congress to create “federal, statutory rights” to abortion that block states from “interfering” with either a doctor’s provision of abortion care or a patient’s ability to access that care. Warren further urged passage of the Women’s Health Protection Act, which has already been introduced in Congress. The act would overturn state-level obstacles to abortion, like Alabama’s law forcing women to undergo medically unnecessary ultrasounds before they can receive abortions. . . .

RG @sasadi ・・・ It is a woman’s choice and only a woman’s choice to have an abortion for whatever reason necessary. Whether you have ever had an abortion or not, I can only imagine that you would want to be assured of having a safe and legal one. The of Alabama and Other states not only make that impossible for women but it opens the door to botched abortions and puts women’s lives at risk, the lives of women who are already most at risk of failed pregnancies, failed healthcare and a failed society that shoves them to the bottom. This is a vote that is against women and women’s rights. Abortions will continue and if it has nothing to do with you, you have no right making a woman’s decision as to whether to have one or not. Support women’s choice now and always! If you are not enraged, now is the time to start speaking up—and take action!

It doesn’t take much to realize that Women, our bodies, our choices and especially those of Black Women are being attacked by bill after bill these days! Georgia just passed which criminalizes abortion as soon as a heartbeat is detected - basically as soon as most women find out they are pregnant. It goes so far as to criminalize miscarriages and self inflicted abortions with life in prison - what world do we live in?!? According to an article in @slate “Once it takes effect, a woman who self-terminates will have, as a matter of law, killed a human—thereby committing . The penalty for that crime in Georgia is life imprisonment or capital punishment.” This law isn’t just about men voting for religious beliefs, women and white women, specifically have voted for this bill. This is about suppressing the women who need the right to protecting their bodies more than any of us, this is about suppressing black women, who are already being failed by our system. In a country where black mothers die before, during and after childbirth in unprecedented numbers, this ban only endangers their lives more! If you aren’t angered by this, you need to be! Speak out and protect your right and every woman’s right to choose what happens to her safely and legally.

Thank you to the @penandinkbrigade for the creative genius behind our photo booth props, and to @elenaseibertphotog for her calm good humor, tirelessness, and artist’s eye behind the camera. (We’ll share the photo booth gallery on our website later this week. Stay tuned!) Participating artists: Carin Berger, Melissa Iwai, Kristen Balouch, Catherine Lazure, and Yvetta Fedorova 🍃🌎🍃 @carinbergerdesign, @kristenbalouch @yvettafedorova @catherine.lazure @melissaiwai1

A BIG thank you to everyone who came out last night in the rain! What a night!! And a million thanks to @teamgoldbergrules for taking so many wonderful pics. We’ll post more via Facebook later today. Stay tuned! . . .

YES to all of this 🍃🌎🍃 Repost ・・・ “The rising of women is the awakening of everybody. The silencing of one woman is our silencing. We need to reignite the world to believe in the power of women. We cannot live in a society where women are marginalized. We cannot live in a society where we have…male leadership who can say things about women and we just watch it. We cannot do that. The healing of this world is in the hands of women.” - Dr. Tererai Trent @tereraitrent • This healing isn’t just about women. It is about the healing of all people and planet. But it is women-led. It is about unlocking the full potential for the greater good, so we can become whole. • Beautiful words from @goodlifeproject ✨ . . .

We have the BEST raffle prizes! Cashmere from and red leopard beaded earrings from pictures here.. and this is just the beginning!

In case you needed some good news today ☺️ RG @supermajority ・・・ Women are becoming the most powerful force in America. But if we want to fundamentally transform this country, we need to work together. Learn more about what we’re building and sign up to become a member via the link in our bio. . . .

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