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Warsaw, Poland

Dobry Wieczor! Why’s my dad wearing sunglasses at night!?

Puglia, Italy

Arcobaleno! No filter needed


Cat heaven

Paris, France

Merci mes amis Français! Catch Tell me a Story on @13emerue_fr starting June 2nd.

Came across this true throwback Thursday pic! Must post! @nina @iansomerhalder

Barcelona, Spain

Happy Valentines Day to this babe!

I beyond excited to announce my partnership with @kaplanaaron Looking forward to showing you what we have been working on!!

Sankt Moritz

Yesterday’s powder day in St. Moritz 👊!! Thank you @holden_outerwear and @deadringer for the sick riding gear! 📹 @mark_bauch

Sankt Moritz

Thank you @omega for a wonderful weekend in Switzerland

Saint Moritz, Graubunden, Switzerland

Dumb and dumber going 120 km/h at 5G! Thank you @omega !!!

Four Seasons Resorts Lanai

Brilliant stay, sad to leave. Thank you for the hospitality!

Los Angeles, California

No longer a teen. Happy 40th brother. @iansomerhalder Why the frown shotzy @chenkajou

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