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The few individuals in NYC who are driving violence have no place in any of our neighborhoods. The two men in this video are WANTED for firing shots on West 129th St. in , striking someone. We’re asking anyone with info on this shooting to call @NYPDTips at . .

‪After a resident of the was robbed near the Throggs Neck Houses, Officers Rodriguez & Ramos of Police Service Area 8 quickly went to work searching for the criminal responsible. Their knowledge of the community they serve left the suspect no chance of getting away. Nice job, gentlemen! .

Undercover @NYPD detectives put it all on the line to take these guns off the street. The work they perform alongside their fellow investigators & prosecutors save lives — here in NYC & the states where the weapons originate. These cops are owed a debt of gratitude by every New Yorker. .

Great to welcome Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, Christoph Graf, to NYPD Headquarters today. Honored to receive this photo of his Holiness Pope Francis. .

The individual who was carrying this deadly weapon in the is a known gang member with a violent past. Due to the great work of cops in the 41 Precinct, the gun and suspect are both off the street. My thanks to them all for going in harm’s way to keep NYC safe. .

‪This man is WANTED for forcibly touching a 16-year-old girl on the 7 train near the 61st Street subway station in . @NYPD Transit cops need your help. We’re asking anyone who recognizes the suspect to call @NYPDTips at . All calls are confidential. .

After an armed criminal robbed a man of his cellphone in Sunday, he used his loaded gun to carjack a woman. Officers Difiglia & Juste along with fellow 76 Precinct cops responded and knew they weren’t going to stop searching until the suspect was in handcuffs. Well done! .

The 2 suspects in this video are WANTED for shooting & killing a man at 2356 Grand Concourse in the . Detectives need your help identifying & locating them so we can make an arrest. Contact @NYPDTips with any information by calling . Calls are confidential. .

Outstanding work, Officer Gallante! Officer Gallante patrols the same area in the 23 Precinct in every day & has intimate knowledge of the people and businesses. After responding to a robbery on 2nd Ave., it took him less than an hour to make an arrest. That’s !

UPDATE: Clarence Bradley has been arrested and charged with attempted , robbery, and public lewdness. NYPD cops need your help locating Clarence Bradley, 23, who’s WANTED for the attempted and assault of a 73-year-old woman in Lower Manhattan. We’re asking anyone with information to contact @NYPDTips at . All calls are strictly confidential. .

Thirty-three years ago today, Detective Steven McDonald was shot and paralyzed while patrolling Central Park. From that tragedy, a message of love and forgiveness heard around the world was born. Steven’s legacy is carried on by New York City’s men and women in blue. .

We honored cops who saved lives, apprehended criminals, took guns off the street & made our city safer. These men & women are ready anytime to answer the call — and serve their fellow New Yorkers. My thanks to them all, and to the Centurion Foundation for their constant support! .

For more than 100 years NYC has hosted ticker-tape parades. At each of them, the men & women of the NYPD have ensured the safety of the thousands who attended & those we honored. Today, they did it with cheers of “USA” in the background. My thanks to NY’s Finest!🇺🇸 .

Last night, @HallCountySO Deputy Nicholas Dixon was chasing a vehicle wanted in connection to burglaries in the community he bravely protected. The criminals involved ruthlessly shot & killed him. Deputy Dixon leaves behind a family, cops, & community who loved him. .

Three years ago, five cops in Dallas were ambushed, shot and killed in the line-of-duty. In the face of that tragedy, the men & women in blue across America never wavered in their commitment to fight crime & keep people safe — carrying on the legacy of those heroes. .

After receiving a @shotspottertech alert in , 69 Precinct midnight patrol cops and neighborhood coordination officers quickly began investigating the gunfire. Their great police work led to these three loaded guns taken off the street and the arrest of the suspect. Well done! .

Det. Miosotis Familia was a mother, daughter — and a proud cop. Murdered two years ago for the blue uniform she wore, the legacy of Miosotis will forever be her life of service and the difference she made every day in the 46 Precinct. This mural continues our vow to . .

‪Happy 243rd birthday, America! ‬ Another safe, fun courtesy of NY’s Finest! My thanks to every cop who made it possible. .

From saving a baby to securing the @Macys fireworks, NY’s Finest do it all. Sgt Chandu & Officers Grennan, Keegan, Rahilly & Losquadro had just arrived in Manhattan when they were flagged down by parents whose baby stopped breathing. These hero cops went to work & saved her life! .

Just five days ago, thousands of NYPD cops kept millions of people safe as they celebrated  . As America celebrates  , our men and women in blue will once again work a long day to ensure everyone in NYC can enjoy safely. My thanks to them all! .

Madison Square Garden

Congratulations to the 425 new officers who took the oath & joined the NYPD’s ranks today. You’ve worked hard to earn the right to wear that blue uniform. Be proud as you begin one of the most challenging & rewarding careers possible. I look forward to seeing you out there.

Congratulations to the 470 men and women who took the oath this morning as they enter the NYPD Police Academy. Being a cop today isn’t easy, but it’s among the most rewarding work you can do — improving the safety of every neighborhood in NYC. My thanks to you all! .

‪A great day in NYC celebrating  in the NYPD and the world! I’m privileged to march with @GOALny and to be part of a department where it doesn’t matter how you identify or who you love. My thanks to every cop working today — ensuring a safe . .

Retired Det. Lou Alvarez was a great cop — fearless & committed. Until his last breath, Lou fought for his fellow 9/11 responders, calling on law makers to do what’s right. He showed the world what it means to & that will forever be his courageous legacy. R.I.P. hero.

‪A special day at One Police Plaza as we recognize the hard work and dedication of NY’s Finest during our promotion ceremonies. to all, and thank you for the job you do every day — making every neighborhood in our city safe. .

Every member of the has options. It’s never hopeless & you’re never alone. We must break down stigmas about getting help by continuing the conversation on mental health. Call: 🔹@800273TALK, 🔹NYPD Chaplains 🔹NYPD Employee Relations 🔹POPPA 🔹Txt: BLUE to 741741 Swipe ⬅️

‪Fulton County, IL Sheriff’s Deputy Troy Chisum is the 5th cop in the US to be shot & killed in the line-of-duty in the last 8 days. These officers answered the call, put it all on the line — and made the ultimate sacrifice. They did it on behalf of those they served. .

This weekend will protect the  March & the many other events in celebrating  — nobody does it better. We need everyone’s eyes and ears, too. If something is suspicious, let us know. We’re looking forward to a safe, fun few days! 🏳️‍🌈

Officers Browne and Braddy of the 70 Precinct answered the call of a 2-year-old who stopped breathing. They were calm and focused as they performed CPR — saving the little girl’s life. These heroes truly earn the name “NY’s Finest.” Outstanding job! .

This is Officer Michael Langsdorf of the North County Police Cooperative, MO. Last night, he was shot & killed by a violent criminal suspected of passing a bad check at a local store. A reminder of the inherent dangers of being a cop. Our prayers are with his family. .

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