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Neil Patrick Harris

Welcome to the world as seen through my eyeholes. Enjoy.

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Soho New York

I must say, @KitchenAidUSA knows how to throw a party. @dbelicious and I had a lot of fun last night celebrating 100 years of ‘making’ at the KitchenAid Culinary Playground.

Montreal, Quebec

The Cyr Wheel is a deceivingly difficult circus apparatus. When done by someone as skilled as @ole_moukkeole, it looks effortless, invigorating. But, oh man, it’s combination of balance, focus, awareness, grace and strength is intense. Thanks Ole, for my first tutorial. You’re awesome. Check him out in the excellent and creative @analogthecompany show FINALE at the @mtlccirque circus festival if you’re near Montreal. Oh, and additional thanks to @the7fingers for letting us use their absolutely extraordinary new creation space. Swipe ⬅️ to see a vid of me holding on for dear life..!

Sag Harbor, New York

Happy 4th of July! So thankful to live in a country that allows the freedom to speak, the freedom to love, the freedom to change. And David and I are extra grateful for the freedom to allow, embrace and encourage the people in the next pic (swipe ⬅️) @dbelicious

LGBTQ Center

Marching with thousands of supporters of @lgbtcenternyc was such a thrill for our family!  Love all the work they do to serve LGBTQ+ community. And I’m not alone - swipe ⬅️ to see just part of the amazing group that marched in support. Truly remarkable. @dbelicious

New York, New York

What a spectacular day. What a spectacular time. World Pride 2019 in NYC was an extraordinary experience, seeing literally millions of people spreading love and positivity. No conflict. No problems. Just love. So honored to share this with my husband @dbelicious and with our kids. Just an overwhelming outpouring of love.

Marcus Garvey Park

Monkeying around.

New York, New York

In honor of National Watch Day...

Tonight! Stop the work and watch them werk! Our doc WIG premieres on @hbo at 10:00 tonight. David had the idea of reviving a massive drag festival, created by @official_lady_bunny, and this beautiful film takes that process, Wigstock’s history and NY drag culture to another level. Very proud of it. Hope you watch. @dbelicious @digitalperm @willam @charleneincarnate @theonlyalaska5000 @thebiancadelrio @kevinaviance @naomismalls @flotilladebarge @rupaulofficial

Fountain View

I can’t thank my own dad - Ron - enough for being so moral and just and honest and witty and wise and strong and able to rock a suave hat at Epcot. My brother and I are the dads we are thanks to him and the example he set. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you so much.

Happy Father’s Day to my husband, David Burtka. He continues to prioritize parenting in a way I never thought was possible. Selfless, creative, kind, stylish - just, everything. Our children shine in his light, and are better people, thanks to him. @dbelicious

London, United Kingdom

This gaggle of gorgeous gumshoes just matched wits with Holmes and Moriarity and completed the immersive escape room adventure, Sherlock: The Game is Now. High marks all around - well designed, expansive, funny, challenging, cinematic. Bravo @221B.

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