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🏞 Salt Lake City, UT |

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Not so sunny California but I’ll still take it .

Salt Lake City, Utah

Literally the only furniture I have on my entire first floor, but good enough for now πŸ˜‚ .

Moab, Utah

@ProgressiveMC Moab is one of my favorite places in the world to ride motorcycles because of the endless adventure possibilities. It’s very normal for us to trailer multiple bikes (per person) whenever we go down to Moab because of the diverse terrains. This time we ONLY took 8 bikes between 5 of us and used every one them. . @ProgressiveMC is a community that lets us share moto experiences and made this awesome trip possible. While there we did the usual favorites. Ride through the beautiful River Run ride to the Moab Castle Creek Winery, and then some off-road ADV ride up to Hurrah Pass through Kane Creek. I managed to squeeze in a solo ride early in the morning to catch the sunrise. In the end, I left Moab wanting to come back down again as soon as possible. . .

Salt Lake City, Utah

Just another beautiful day for some twisty carving .

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