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Ngabaghila Chatata

Agriprenuer, farmer and social scientist. Passionate about agricultural transformation.

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So on Saturday we had a thank you lunch with the 60 women who helped us harvest the hibiscus. Such an uplifting moment for me personally just to see them smile and share the stories on how the piece work positively impact their homes and livelihood. one of them has built a pit latrine with the proceeds. They asked me why I only involved women and I told them because on a mission to positively impact other women lives. We laughed, the hibiscus drink and took photos. We agreed to be meeting up to share skills...our first class will be on compost making

Let's get the youth to love farming.

We are about giving opportunities to the youth.

Farming is an art. When the hibiscus flowers, we forget all the hard work...we step back and just appreciate Nature. Take a deep breath and enjoy the Thanthwe Effect...

Hibiscus Tea The journey that started in December is getting exciting each passing date. From the seeds we sow, we now have a fully brown hibiscus flower garden. It's picking time, employment for over 20 women,

Healthy Herbal Teas Our organic Hibiscus is making good progress. Grown with your healthy on our mind We can't wait for the harvest. .

The Future of Agribusinesses With one of my mentees from SMEDI ...very curious girl of the key massages was: Use all the skills and opportunities that you have. Being a a woman is not a reason to look down on yourself. If I can ..u can . Thanks SMEDI for sending them to Thanthwe Farms.. We are about planting seeds in the soil and in people

Lilongwe, Malawi

From nothing to SOMETHING... Entrepreneurship means seeing value in what may appear to be valueless ....these 10,000 mango seedlings were raised from some mangoes that were getting rotten at the Wakawaka Market. Learn the art of

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