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I feel like we're not capturing the elegance we discussed in the production meeting.

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Such a powerful day with my community.

From the Japanese Butsudan to the Catholic home altar, so many traditions reserve a space in the home for reflection on the sacred. It seems to be an unusual practice in mainstream US culture but it’s one I’ve found enriching.

Bathroom selfie 🛁🤳

Summoning the spring with linguini, morels, shallots, and asparagus tips in lemon, olive oil, butter, and Muscadet. Topped with red pepper and fresh grated parmigiana. 😋

Brooklyn Museum

I got yelled at for taking this photo — apparently you’re not supposed to? But to make it up to them, I encourage everyone to go see the new Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. It’s an insightful and respectful exploration of an amazing woman’s life and work.

Afraid of heights but my hair keeps giving me wings

Joe's Pub

Last night, with @mxviv

The Town Hall

Taylor Mac’s Holiday Sauce is an exaltation of found family, self-determination, and creative power, infused with a spirit of hallowed irreverence. Both years now, it’s replenished my own reserves of magic and reminded me that normal is just a setting on a dryer.

Thanks for the tom kha soup, @matterwallen!

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