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Miserable Men™️

Men that went shopping. It's a global epidemic.

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I feel ya.

Here we have what once was a man. He used to look forward to the weekend. Used to have interests. But now... this.

Sure looks like he’s having a good weekend to me.

Pops said, “Yeah kid, just act cool, this is what we do. Get used to it.”

It’s Mother’s Day! If you have kids, I suppose this is one of those days you just gotta sit down on some manure and zip it. Let her shop ‘til she drops.

Husband Day Care or Miserable Men Island?

Al Bundy is posted up in the Macy’s lounge. It’s nice the stores are finally recognizing us as a major part of the shopping experience. But let’s step it up a notch and get some tv’s in our area.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Psyched to see Nelly is wearing his band-aid again.

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