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Caleb McRae

I❤️oil sands 2018 kx250f ~if the dirt ain’t flying you ain’t trying~ 👻 happy_slappy

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Dirt nasty 💦

Killing it 🤟🏽 📸@madi.heighington 📸

Two good looking right here

Went for a nice little exploration today with @tim_bernier_mcwilliams

Good little first ride with my boy @wconstantine172 at popkum this weekend

Felt good to get back on 2 wheels again 😌

Ah the good old days

I want these days back 🙄

Well wasn’t expecting to be going to work anytime soon but would you look at that back at it in Mackenzie for a day. now back to school.

Kamloops, British Columbia

Who’s this “big stud guy”

Throw back to the good ol days

This is never a good sight

Some times you just have to look at the good things in life

Had a bit of a workout for the ol half ton but she goter done

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