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Designed and built with passion in Canada, Maxarya bikes not just give you a ride, they bring inspiration and motivation to move you.

116 Viceroy Road, Unit B-7 Vaughan, Ontario

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Our new website showing the latest 20th anniversary bikes and products is up now... still working on it but please have a look:

2019 Ray 2 "20th anniversary edition" Its folding mechanism is one of the many innovative gets to 34% of its regular size. Now, arguably the most refined CLWB recumbent bicycle ever built!

2019 MAXARYA "20th anniversary edition" bikes are here. Check out the special offers on some of the most refined bicycles ever built..

It makes us happy and proud to see our bikes all over the world...this one from Joonalop, Australia, exactly 18.113km away from us! Seems electric-assist is a great option to discover such a vast country... Thanks for sharing.

RAY 2 NEW WHEELSETS ARE IN. We are introducing our totally new set of wheels specifically designed for our heavier riders: refined, attractive, most reliable still lightweight. Double-wall high profile custom-built alloy rims with Stainless Steel eyelets, hand-built with DT Swiss spokes and reliable hubs such as Shimano XT, perfect for high pressure tires 1.75"-2.15".

NEW RAY 2 CRANKSETS ARE HERE! We have upgraded our 2018 cranksets to stronger, lighter and more refined ones. Easy on knees! We added a compact 152mm crankset that decreases the knees flexion up to 12 degrees resulting easier rides for those who suffer from knee issues and also perfect choice for shorter riders.

MAXARYA 2018 Ray 2 Now available in 10 brilliant colors tastefully chosen with the help of many folks around the world...

MAXARYA CT LIMIT 2018 The most comfortable city bike ever, still wonderful on outdoor trails...

Ray 1 blue in Japan

2017 Ray 2X from Canada State of the art technology in stunning look... Exceptionally comfortable, safe and easy to ride with a track record of millions of miles ridden globally since 1999! It can be customized for extra comfort on bumpy roads, city commute or performance on longer tours...

MAXARYA 2017 RAY2 in LAVA RED A wonderful way to discover your countryside...

MAXARYA RAY 2 Lime Green colour available now...we listened to those with great taste asked for it.

Titanium forks: Titanium is strong, lightweight and stylish. Now as an option our bikes can be ordered with TI alloy forks newly developed by Maxarya. They come with international disc brake mount, internal headset crown, built-in leg bosses for front carrier or fairing and are compatible with tire width of up to 2.5".

MAXARYA 2016 bikes coming out! Our totally redesigned bikes are the most refined bikes we have ever produced since 1999...

MAXARYA RAY-1 Even harsh winters won't stop you from riding your bike... cycling

MAXARYA RAY-2E 2016 Built-in smart electric-assist Totally redesigned 3rd generation Upgraded AL7005 alloy frame Innovative folding feature Different sizes and colours Variety of component options

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