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Long Beach, California

Hey Everyone! I know I’ve been missing but the team and I have been working towards something special for you guys💛👽 Here’s a preview of my next single! ? It will be available August 15th on @spotify +(All Platforms) and Pre-Order will be available August 1st on @itunes ! This song in particular is a favorite of mine, It’s my fears and failures, to being at my lowest point, then fighting to rebuild myself again. It’s raw, its emotion, it’s me! And I hope you guys enjoy it! It’s mostly hip hop this time 💁🏽‍♂️ what can I do? It raised me 👽💛 Mixed & Mastered by @isaaccharza Photography by @yonks_htx . . . . . &b

Long Beach, California

We are all discouraged by our flaws, by our fears and by our failures. The choice is yours on how you react - for some it’s with anger, disappointment, sadness and diving into an abyss of self hate. Then We Repeat and The Cycle Continues. It took a while for me to see, but I realized I hated myself. I didn’t know myself, but only my surroundings and how it shaped me to be. I was constantly in attack and defend mode, never sought out true, healthy forms of communication within myself or with others. As a result, I’ve hurt people I love, myself and found myself in a low place. The cycle progressed. So when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, you have to surrender and thats exactly what I did. When the universe sets things into motion, you have to learn from them and just let things take form naturally. So I had to change my perspective, my way of thinking and though I’m better, I believe it’s always easy to slip back. I believe we all are going through something in life. We fight to exist, we’re fighting ourselves, but we have to learn to love ourselves. Sounds wack.... but it’s true 🤷🏽‍♂️ -BackTracker &b

Neartown-Montrose, Houston

I’ve been going by Young Apollo since I was 16 years old and as you can imagine it’s become a huge part of my life and my music, but it’s not my identity. As I continue to grind and grow, I want to be my truest self. Just wanna let y’all know I’ll be going by by birth name, Malcolm. ⚠️ My artist name will change on @spotify @applemusic @tidal @twitter And the rest of my platforms. I will post new links when it’s finalized But for now keep bumpin on @spotify 😩😭 love & appreciate y’all New music coming soon

Houston, Texas

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been missing! So here’s a new cover for this weeks Vlog! I decided to take on @eltonjohn “Candle In The Wind” It’s a all time classic, top selling single and a favorite of mine from his classic album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. Finish watching at my !💛 Music is a spiritual thing! Let it guide you! Let it help you embrace love/sadness 💛💛💛💛💛💛 using @smule @avid.protools @bluemicrophones P.S. My single “Want You” is at 125k streams and available on all platforms 💛👽 Help me reach 500k! 😭 it’s a goal of mine 😭

In this vlog I take on @eltonjohn “Candle In The Wind”! Iconic and a legend, It’s a fav of mine and GYBR is a masterpiece. 💛💛💛😭 thank you for the inspiration @eltonjohn Covered using the @SmuleApp #

Mexico City, Mexico

Our relationship in a nutshell 😂😂.... @yonks_htx love to annoy you 😘 Might Cover @officialqueenmusic So y’all might get 2 covers when I get back 💛😘 ✊🏽

Houston, Texas

Anime inspires me daily and I’ve been a fan ever since I was able to read manga’s at a half price book store😭 @cowboybebop is one of my top 5 anime’s and it inspired the art work for my single “Want You” (available on all platforms!) so the mash up makes perfect sense to me! Hope you all enjoy! 💛 and if you’re not hip to cowboy bebop then ya better get on it biiiiiiish 😭 story of is a great one!💛😭 thank you @cowboybebop for the inspiration 💛💛💛 FULL VID AVAILABLE AT MY IGTV

💛@yonks_htx You’ve helped me, guided me, fought with me, called me on my shit, set me straight, told me how it was and made me a better man because of that. I wouldn’t be where I if I didn’t have this STRONG woman by my side. I can’t help but make songs about her 💛🌻

NRG Stadium

HELD IT DOWN FOR @iamcardib W MY RIDE OR DIE @yonks_htx 75,000 PEOPLE AT THE @rodeohouston TO SEE @iamcardib THAT IS WIIIIILLLD. Hate the crowds thoooooo 😣 I prefer when they infront of me 😤✊🏽 SOON THO! Word to @artistconsulting

Houston, Texas

Hey everyone! I wanted to start something new for 2019 with doing more of what I love and that’s singing. I performed my cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sunny” (1966) With the @smule app Hope you all enjoy! Drop a 💛🤙🏽 and any request 😂😭 I might butcher it WATCH FULL VID ON MY IGTV!

Hey everyone! I wanted to start something new for 2019 with doing more of what I love and that’s singing. I performed my cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sunny” (1966) With the @smule app Hope you all enjoy! Drop a 💛🤙🏽 and any request 😂😭 I might butcher it

Be Fit Gym-Houston

Ran into @rachaelbackfit 💪🏽😤💪🏽 she has a great page on achieving your goals! Give her a follow! I’m happy to say I’ve already been 15+ days out this month inside the gym. Taking the time out of the day to rebuild yourself as well as your mental makes you see things more clearly and allows you to create a certain focus that you’ll be able to execute on a day to day. I’ve personally made it a goal to be in as much as I can...... because I eat terrible... no seriously 🥴😭 MAKE GOALS AND ACHIEVE THEM MY FRIENDS 📸- @silverbackfitnesshtx

S/O TO @spotify FOR THIS!! IM BLESSED, THE ENERGY TO BE HAS PUT ME IN MANY PLACES AND GIVING ME SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED ME ALONG THE WAY! I’ve been working with @isaaccharza for 6 years, through 3 projects, many hours of studio time and mixing his off and rode for me through all my trial and error! Ever since @artistconsulting (met in 2012) got me in places I never could, it opened my mind and woke me up to what I’m truly capable of and I’m happy to have people who believe in what I have to offer. It’s truly made me find myself. 💛✊🏽 Thank you @amirkhary for ever taking to the time for me when you did! You put me on game in a short time but I soaked it all in! ✊🏽💛

Mood after hitting 100k 😭💛😭 Please celebrate with me using the app! And make sure to tag or use the hashtag 💛🤘🏽 Much love to everyone who supports or likes the type of music I make! More to come soon! Thank you!! Want You by Young Apollo Available on @spotify @applemusic @tidal

Houston, Texas

W A N T Y O U Is now at 100k streams on @spotify !! I just want to say thank you to everyone that added to their playlist and thank you to the DJs out there liking the song and adding it to their playlist✊🏽💛 Please keep sharing with your friends and family! video in the future! coming....

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