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Loki, Bear, & Momo

First came Loki 🦁 (and Ham 🐹), then came Bear 🐻 and Momo 🐶 📧

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Who will dance with Momo? ☹️

Garry Point

Momo looking like a third wheel while Bear and Valentina are having a moment 😆 Valentina’s weight loss is going well - thank you all for the helpful tips! As she was likely locked up in a cage for most of her life, her get tired easily and she isn’t used to walking very far. She has lost a few pounds so far and is walking (and even jogging!) a bit more each day. It’s a work in progress but we’re very hopeful that she can learn how to be confident and free like all dogs should be!

Bear does the ! (He tried his best ok? 😆)

Richmond, British Columbia

It’s almost been two years since Bear and Momo met and became brothers. Believe it or not, both of them almost went to other homes! Before we even knew Bear was up for adoption, another family had already been selected to adopt him. They ended up having to move away because of a family emergency, so he had to be re-listed. That’s when we found out about him - we met him and adopted him the next day 🐻 The day Momo came, he actually had an adopter lined up for him. We were supposed to get another dog to foster that day, but it ended up being Momo because the lady who was supposed to adopt him changed her mind at the last minute (she was afraid he would get too big). We fell in love and officially adopted him a month later 🐶 It’s safe to say we’re glad things turned out the way they did ❤️

Vancouver, British Columbia

Valentina (our new foster dog) is getting more and more active and confident each day! She hasn’t taken a liking to walking on a leash yet, but with Bear and Momo’s encouragement, we think she’ll pick it up in no time 💪 See our last post if you haven’t heard Valentina’s story! ❤️

Vancouver, British Columbia

Meet Valentina, Bear and Momo’s new foster sister! She’s a 6-year-old Corgi who was recently rescued from a puppy mill (where she was used as a breeding dog). Despite her past, she is super friendly to every person (and dog) she meets. As she has likely lived in a cage for most of her life, she is very overweight and doesn’t understand how to walk on a leash (she plops down on the grass after a few steps and refuses to get up). While we’re fostering her, our main goal is to help her lose a few pounds and teach her how to stop being so lazy 🐷 (any tips would be appreciated)!

Can u sleep on the floor tonite? - Bear 🐻

Shhh... brother Bear is taking a nap he gets real grumpy whenever someone wakes him - Momo 🐶 (swipe left!)

Falls Lake (sjö i Kanada, British Columbia)

Dipping their in the water after a long hike. We would let them swim but Bear takes forever to dry off 🙈

Lac du Bois Grasslands Park

Instagram 🐶 vs. Reality 👹

Richmond, British Columbia

Welcome to lavenbear fields 🐻

Garry Point

Forever our little lion cub 🦁 We miss you every day, Loki ♥

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