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Leroy Milo Brown (@lifewithleroy) Instagram Profile Photo


Leroy Milo Brown

Good boy, Leroy ft. Rooney. 📍PDX // Best friends with @everydaydude

Leroy Milo Brown (@lifewithleroy) Instagram photos and videos

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Bridge of the Gods (modern structure)

Try not to give this face table scraps it’s impossible 😫

Portland, Oregon

Lappin up the summer


Portland, Oregon

And the VMA for Best Doggo Lifetime Achievement award goes to...

Portland, Oregon

Pupdate! 😅 It’s gonna take us all some time to get used to Leroy’s new ‘do but on the upside he is SO DAMN SOFT. Holler at the outtakes in our stories 👆

Portland, Oregon

Leroy got a haircut yesterday. Here’s the before pic! Check back this evening for a 😂 pupdate pic.

Kelley Point Park

Found a beached 🐋 at the river yesterday

Portland, Oregon

Cutest Crumb Catcher™️ 2019

Portland, Oregon

Have a fun and safe 4th of July! Don’t drink and drive!

Portland, Oregon

Good luck with the fireworks 💥 everybody! We’re lucky that they don’t seem to bother this little snooze-muffin. The only thing that seems to bother him are @okayrooney’s obsessive teeth and ear licking 🤢

This is the very first photo we have of Leroy on the day @geektreschic adopted him in Oakland. His name was Rascal, which fits, but just wasn’t quite right.

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