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Elodie 💗

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Happy day

Oblivious to my picture being taken, even though I put my glasses on to find my family 😂. 🤓

Just my face 😬


I’ll probably be on tablets for the rest of my life. Do not be ashamed! Depression .


This! Support those you love x

How did I do this thing?

She’s unreal 💗

Glitter fade baby boomers for holiday 🥰

This week I handed in my last ever undergraduate piece of work. I don’t know my results yet but I so proud of myself for completing this journey. As many people know, I left high school at 14 as I had terrible mental health problems. I then ultimately only sat 2 GCSES. My and made me hate myself, have no self belief and made me want to not live anymore. I not ashed to say that I tried, and failed (obviously!) to overdose a number of times during my younger years. That was until I was 21 and enrolled onto my university course in Psychology and Child Development as I wanted to help people like myself. Despite previously wishing to be a beautician and then a vet nurse (hindered by my fear of and sentimental nature!), this was where my heart was all along. It’s taken me 5 years instead of 3 due to me having Elodie and I honestly so shocked that I have finally finished. I have had a turbulent time in my personal life but I powered on through, I have struggled with my self belief but I powered on through. Thank you to everyone that’s believed in me, even more to those that check in on me to see how I . I’m doing it for you baby, just us two👩‍👧👩🏽‍🎓💗.

She’s a joy 💗

It’s been a while ... ☺️

Excited for this one!

Gonna need a bigger house for all of Elodies new things! She’s so loved ☺️

If anyone in the age range of 18-25 can spare 10 minutes to complete my survey I would be extremely grateful

Morning hair! Someone’s feeling better ☺️

She’s cute sometimes

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