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SoHo, Manhattan

yesterday’s look / [tap for creds]

family 🖤

Swelly everywhere, just swelly. 🐡

today’s lewk in the heat @posse top & @isabelmarant shorts

another selfie because it’s @kule 😁

This week has been a weird week. Perhaps mercury in retrograde, it’s the weather, whatever. But I’ve been seeing a lot of negativity all over social media. From me being told to “hide my disgusting belly” on my page, to girls like a “celebrity” using her platform to rip apart another influencer’s and lifestyle. It seems as though everyone with a handle these days thinks they have an opinion that’s right. And a bunch of followers can explode a persons ego into thinking their insecurities are actually valid logical opinions rather than just overly emotive banter... and that somehow this banter is doing a service to the world. So when all I see is women ripping each other apart, I feel as though I have to make a point myself... Anyone who uses their platform/voice/whatever to shame (or in their minds, “call out”) anyone else, is taking the high horse, not the high road; you are the antithesis of what it means to be a healthy society. You breaking down someone else’s life teaches other women to compare themselves, and not love who they are inside and out by embracing how we’re all different. You shining light on someone’s success and how you don’t think it’s deserved shows women that they can’t work hard to get what they want in life, and if they do get it, they should feel ashamed of it. You haven’t really done much to help others, other than just, well, be mean. All I have to end with is, f that. I love watching women take care of themselves in a way that they feel is necessary to them. I LOVE watching women make money. And I love watching women who struggle and can make it out happier than before like the beasts that we are. So here’s to those of Instagram. You will forever remain a “girl”, and not a woman... because a woman doesn’t judge. She just focuses on her own path to happiness following the street signs and not at all bothered by the cars riding next to her.

i’m so into this vibe, in @maimoun_ny | just took tie-dye and half-blown hair to a new level (for me at least) ✨

😹 caption this [swipe]:

doesn’t need a swollen ankle to look this good @fendi 👌🏽

@shopweworewhat ♥️ best fit

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