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Daddy, Entrepreneur, Hustler, Rapper, Actor Owner: @demicapp Consultant: @tullyapp Chairman: @huzlersmedia Once I get in we gon flood the gates!

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Miami Beach, Florida

Got my bag up and then I moved to the villa!

New Jersey

I know for a fact I leave a mark on people. I'm not easy to forget.

Miami, Florida

You aint alive to please any of these mfers!

Newark, New Jersey

Spend a day up in my shoes just to tell me how it feel!

I just live I got no plans! 📸 : @trevfinna

Only for the geniuses!

Day ones!

When u take a chance, who are u taking it from?

Where da money at?

Treat people with respect ✊🏿 with @lilrahrahig n @hey_this_is_wei

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