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Kareem Alston 🧩

Communicating. Storytelling. Making films.

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ACLU of Northern California

New staff photo, who dis?

Downtown Portland

*NEW NEPHEW ALERT* Congrats to @khaleedalston and @aidanraquel for creating this little stud, Marley James Alston. He's already got life figured out, cause he's just been sleeping and eating all day. Excited to watch him grow up!


Wow. is really Ava DuVernay's (@ava) masterpiece. Episode 4 was truly a work of art. The whole series is incredible. It is definitely hard to watch but it is some of the best work I've ever seen. This story, the story of the is harrowing, heartbreaking, resilient, and relevant. The fact that Ava used her fame and cache to tell this story is inspiring. Thank you for raising the bar.

New York Foundation

I'm so honored to have worked with such a talented artist like Maria Mottola (@mariaannmottola). Everything I've done creatively in my job at The New York Foundation (@thenewyorkfoundation) has been a result of her vision. I'm so fortunate to have done communications work with the amazing team at NYF and will never forget what they taught me. I love this hilarious caricature, it's so well done and I've been begging for one like this for the last 2 years. Thank you to Melissa Ellison (@mrs_melroy), Isabel Rivera (@iz619), Altaf Rahamatulla (@sazon_el_don), Edna Iriarte, Kevin Ryan (@kev_ryan71), and Ruhama Mumin (@ruhama.mumin) for making my experience these last few years so special. I'm moving on to the ACLU of Northern California (@aclu_norcal) and I'm excited to keep growing!

STREAMING TODAY AT 10 AM PST -- THE BRILLIANT JEFF CHANG's (@zentronix) 4 EPISODE DIGITAL SERIES HERE -- "We Gon’ Be Alright" The series spotlights racial resegregation in The U.S. yet assures us that we, indeed, GON' BE ALRIGHT

You, me, and mezcal. One of us gets prettier everyday.

San Francisco, California

That moment when people opened @thecomnetwork's Change Agent to read Maria Hinojosa and Darren Walker but had to flip by my name to get there πŸ‘€πŸ‘€. @thenewyorkfoundation put me on.

San Francisco, California

This is where I live now. Come find me in the Mission. Gluten-free fare and artisanal coffee in abundance πŸ˜‚

Manhattan, New York

Hopefully I did this right. I attempted to post an entire three minute video on Instagram (tell me how I did)! With the @thenewyorkfoundation, @reneatoniburke, @junadrougas, and @richieww, we were able to capture a snapshot of Victor Pate and his brilliant work! With @n_y_c_a_i_c, Victor helps advocate for those still facing imprisonment and solitary confinement. As a leader with experience in solitary, Victor provides much needed perspective on how this type of incarceration affects people in and out of the system. I promise, watching Victor speak is something special!

Green Island Beach Restaurant

When you have to demonstrate the in for those who don't know. And then everyone at the restaurant joins you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Belle Mare, Flacq, Mauritius

Mauritius πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ί 😱 (too many photos to share) Anjana and Ritesh have the most amazing family and friends. I'm to be a part of it. It was well worth the 35 hours of transit to arrive in paradise. Heaven and Mauritius are definitely battling for the top spot. Thanks again Anjana for being an incredible human and looking forward to remembering this forever!

Washington Heights, Manhattan

πŸŽ‚*Happy Birthday to me*πŸŽ‚ . Yet another world history lesson from my father, talking about fear mongering, anti-immigrant sentiment, and race baiting in politics and how it gives fuel to the motor of the exploitation of labor in America. I see no better, more representative way to ring in my 27th birthday and remain steadfast in my commitment to help amplify the stories of people who are fighting for justice. . This is for all folks. When they cut curbs on sidewalks for people who weren't able to easily cross streets, we all benefited from the improvement to access and mobility. When we support fights for justice for folks who need resources and lack power, we improve the lives of all! . Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Cobo Center

After 8 years, I'm still watching and learning from Jeff Chang, @zentronix, now at @raceforward. I hope he breaks out the 🌊

New York, New York

**Update** WE DID ITTTT. I LOVE EVERYONE. OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE THE GREATEST. I GOTCHU. JUST ASK. I in awe!! This morning @ariannarsls was $900 behind her goal for tomorrow. Now, with 4 hours left, she only needs $250!! We have the best friends and fily. Now it's crunch time. Can she make it?? MASA is an incredible organization that helps Latinx immigrants in the South Bronx and offers transformative educational opportunities. β˜‘οΈEducation β˜‘οΈImmigrant empowerment β˜‘οΈArianna Rosales I'm serious too. If you donate, I will get you a happy hour drink. Just show me proof.

Arab American Association of New York

Out in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn yesterday at @theaaany, with @sazon_el_don interviewing @reemouss. More videos to come. . .

Storm King Art Center

@ariannarsls: "I like this one. It's folding into itself, which is what I want to do right now." . Looking at art w/ the wonderfully astute Arianna

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