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Bipolar Coach ~ Joe Roe

Making that positive meaningful difference to your wellness & life

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Lotus Therapy Centre - 54 Nottingham Road Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

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You’ve got this! 🙌

“I am” are super powerful words because your mind will believe it to be true. How kind are you, to your mind out of 10? With 1 being unkind & 10 being kind.....

Taking time out for a much needed


Only nipped to Morrison’s to do the weekly shop & noticed the other half has sprayed my Buddha bright orange!

Not popped on here for a while because I’ve been mega busy with super awesome clients! Just catching up on my e-mails & a quick cuppa before my next client arrives! 🙌

I don’t tell my personal story for self-gratification. Not for indulgence but to inspire! 💜

When your dessert, compliments your last post!

Sums up my current outlook on life at the mo - as well as the wet weather! ☔️🌈

Sucker for a beautiful sunset! 🌅

Have you had other therapies? Have you ever tried coaching, as another option? Here’s what one of my lovely customer has to say 💜

From caravan ready, to clubbing ready! Are you dancing? Are you asking? 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Morning campers! 👋

“I approached Joe in a period of my where I felt ‘stuck’ both in my personal life and career. I’d had counselling before and I spent a fair bit of time reading self help books but I wasn’t moving anywhere. From the very first session I noticed a change in my outlook on my goals. I felt so much more confident and positive. So much so that the people around me noticed it too. Joe has shown me some great tools to manage my and to break my goals into easy steps for me. Many of these tools I’ll continue to use in the future. She’s got so much knowledge and her way of explaining things is brilliant. I managed to tick off some major goals with Joe that prior to the sessions I was feeling hopeless about. I can’t thank her enough!!”

Don’t quit 👌

A bird on a wire! A random pic, from my office window!

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