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floral designer and mommy living in socal...also posting cute stuff @thedaydreamrepublic @thedollhouserepublic ✉️

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Tonopah, Arizona

Pit stop, somewhere in Arizona...we just got back from a 4 night mini road trip to Palm Springs and Phoenix and I am, of course, already planning the next trip...I can’t tell you how important these getaways are to me as a parent...I grew up taking a family vacation every summer...some years it was a big trip (NY, Mexico, Disneyworld) and other years it was a simple road trip through the southwest or camping in Northern California...I don’t remember all the details but I do know that those vacations offered me some of my favorite memories as a child...and now being able to pass this tradition down to my kids means doesn’t need to be fancy or some big epic adventure...but GET OUT THERE GUYS...this country alone has never ending opportunities to be at one with nature, pound the pavement in a new city, taste delicious food and see how others live...above all, it’s a constant reminder that most of us are in a bubble and if we focus more on other places, people and experiences, this world would be a much better place 🌎

The Scott Resort & Spa

These are a few of my favorite things - white, wood, brass, rattan and plants’s like it was MADE.FOR.ME 🙌🏻 such a little gem in the desert 🌿

Good morning from Scottsdale! We got in last night after a mini road trip solo with my kids (Brian has to work the next few days 😩) but we are meeting up with my family this afternoon for some fun in the sun! Until then, we will be soaking up all this resort has to offer 🙌🏻 (more in my stories)

Costa Mesa, California

Happy (belated) first day of summer! ☀️ I have gotten a lot of questions about our backyard so I created a post linking all the products...I will also do a swipe up on my stories :) We have always loved our yard (in fact it was one of the main reasons we bought this house) but once we got the proper furniture and accessories, we have been spending SO much time out’s truly become a haven for us and a spot where we can let the stress of life wash away 🙌🏻 Side note: it pretty much took me half a day this week to figure out how to link all these things and sync it up with reward style and like to know it (I actually still don’t know if I did it right)...I’m not sure how professional influencers do it - so much work lol! But hopefully it’s helpful to anyone looking to give their yard a little summer makeover :)

Costa Mesa, California

Last day of school tomorrow / FINALLY!! Annual tradition of “summer fun baskets” are ready for the kids and I posted what’s inside on my stories (and will save in my “summer fun” highlight) - lots of boredom busters, treats and a really cool daily devotional book about God and science that I excited to start reading as a fily every morning! Summer, we ready ☀️☀️

Monument Valley

Sun, Moon and both of my Stars ☀️🌙⭐️⭐️ Happy (belated) Father’s Day to this saint of a one else I would rather travel this road trip of life you @btjowett

Waterfall DIY for the kids tropical themed school carnival last night 🙌🏻 this actually was pretty easy...we used 5 turquoise and iridescent fringe curtains as well as faux vines, wisteria, palms and monstera leaves (all from amazon!)...then we used brown butcher paper from the teachers supply room to create the rocks and walls but rolls of kraft paper would also work...would be super cute to add batting or tulle at the bottom to create the water splashing but we just added extra “rocks” instead :) FYI: the fringe curtains definitely blew all over the place so if your party is outdoors, be prepared for that ;) and for those of you who have been asking, I created an amazon shopping list for all the materials we used for this project as well as the balloon garland - so check my stories for that!

Flashback to a March rehearsal dinner in Ojai with @bobgailevents - missing those spring blooms!! Also blush + yellow make me SO happy 🌸🌿🌼

The lounge on our deck is coming along 🙌🏻 seriously this has become my happy place...since getting the couch about 2 weeks ago, I have sat out here pretty much every day and night....I got some plants potted over the weekend, scotch guarded my pillows and set a new rug + can you spot the frenchie?!

Missing this guy hard right now...he flew to London for work almost 2 weeks ago and although I surviving with the kids (and pretty proud of myself for staying on top of the laundry, the homework, my businesses and ya know, the whole keeping your kids alive thing), it doesn’t mean I’m enjoying it...even though we have stayed busy with lots of fun activities, everything feels slightly off without you here @btjowett...I don’t wanna be making memories without please find a way to speed up time so you can come home to us sooner 💕

We’ll be here all summer 🙌🏻 also my kids are still awake at 9pm, they def have school in the morning and I def don’t care LOL - anyone else’s kids still in school but you’re already acting like it’s summer?!

It’s post Memorial Day weekend and we are busting out all our whites...loved this one with @sterling_social @thegoodstuffhair ☁️☁️☁️☁️

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