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Jennie Loudon

Maker of textile creatures

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Time for a second coat of colour doll

Getting there. Thankfully the ‘help’ is still weary. Unicorns and seahorses for

I did about 7 miles, he must have done 10 times that so hoping for a bit of peace now to finish seahorses

Trying to finish off seahorses but my assistant for the weekend has other ideas!

Generic beast pattern converted to unicorn. Should be a bit less sinister than recent creatures. Stock for

I think that’s crows done. Next I need to try and make something a bit less sinister!

Two dressed, one to go. Then another coat of paint and crows ready.

Last two crows needing skirts and eyelids

Four medium foxes, second painting, two medium vultures, third painting, two small vultures, first painting. And no more room on the table so I’ll go along and strim the allotment before the rain comes on! . All coming to

I knew there was the top of a gravestone that came through the terrace by the West Bank marquee but didn’t realise there was also one inside it! Just over two weeks to go!

West end fair space looking more like a fair than a kirkyard now!

Dissecting things that have got stuck and joining random parts. Not that I’m panicking that time has speeded up again and @westendfair is very soon!

Sketchbook day today at Big Cat Textiles

Meanwhile upstairs the crow is coming along

Much concentration happening downstairs at Big Cat Textiles

It’s meant to be another crow but is looking a bit like a bat. Or maybe a crocodile. Maybe when it’s painted....

Class at @textilesbigcat this week with Charlotte Sehmisch “On this side and Beyond”

Getting closer!

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