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Navy SEAL Leader 🔱 NYT Best Selling Author - The Trident 📖 Purple Heart Recipient 💜 🎖 Keynote Speaker 🎤 Host - JR Overcome Show 👇

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you can have an Overcome Mindset! Check out my most recent blog

This shirt means a lot to me. It reminds me of my “my rebirth-day.” Since then I have undergone forty reconstructive surgeries. I have had six transfusions, and I wore a tracheotomy for seven months and two days. I’ve had approximately 1500 stitches, 200 staples, five plates, a titanium orbital floor, fifteen screws, eight pins, twenty skin grafts, three bone grafts, and a Calvarian bone graft. I have had my jaw shattered, broken, and re-broken three times. My mouth was wired shut for over twelve weeks. I lost over fifty pounds. I have spent approximately 190 hours in surgery under anesthesia. Despite all that, I’m still standing, I’m still breathing, and most of all I still in control of my destiny. In the immortal words of my favorite poem, “Invictus,” I the master of my fate, I the Captain of my soul.Never again would I let anyone look at me with pity. Never again would I look at myself with pity. I would OVERCOME. Do you really have bad days? Join me and my mission! If you believe the se then rock this shirt. Available on my website

Arlington National Cemetery

All men Die • Not all men truly live • I have had the honor to know, learn from, & fight alongside men who sacrificed all to live life to the fullest • So that others can live free • Friday we laid to rest a friend, US Navy EOD Warrior Ron Condrey • After we paid honors to Ron, I stopped by to say Hello & pay respects to my Teammates • Amazing men who left behind an eternal legacy from their selfless sacrifice • Salute • Respect • • What Legacy will you leave behind? •

It’s critical that you’re honest with yourself and build a team around you that knows they have to be brutally honest as well. More teams and organizations have imploded in ambushes due to positively tilted information that caused an inaccurate and deadly response. Learn more on how to survive life ambushes in my new book OVERCOME. Pre-Sale Available on Amazon. *

Learn how to have an overcome mindset on our latest podcast at

I meet so many people looking for change. • They talk to me about, “How do I build an Overcome Mindset?” • “How do I lead myself better?” • How do I create long term change and discipline in my life.” • The answer is simple. • Training, implementation and surrounding yourself with the right team. • Transform with the Overcome Army. • DM me If you want to learn more.

Long time coming! After writing the New York Times Best Seller the Trident I wanted to focus on helping people face and overcome life ambushes. There are plenty of SEAL books on the market, full of kick- advice on how to win at leadership and life. Those books are great. I served with many of the guys that wrote them, and I’ve read all of them and gotten so much from each one. This book isn’t about kicking (although teams led by great leaders do kick a lot of ). This book is about losing as much as it is about winning, about failure as much as it is about success, because personally, I’ve learned so much more from loss, failure, and than I ever did from winning, success, and joy. This book is about what happens when chaos reigns; when a person, group, or situation strikes your life with such ferocity that you can’t regain your balance; when your success that you’ve grown to rely on is pulled out from under you, and even your sense of identity is washed away. How will you get off the X? How will you recover when life comes to destroy you? And most of all, how do you overcome not in spite of adversity but because of it? Now available for pre-sale on amazon

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The day you were born you entered a war • The war to achieve greatness & become the best version of yourself • Every day that passes you slowly die • So many people slowly slide towards death & mediocrity, losing a war they are unwilling to acknowledge they are in • And when the crises, failures & major adversities of life hit them, they are unprepared, overwhelmed & left questioning, “How did this happen?” • As we walk the battlefield of life we must constantly push for readiness • Through preparation, balance & a relentless Overcome Mindset • Life ambushes are coming for you. They come for all of us • The only question that should matter to you every day is this.... • Will you be ready? •

Whether you’re in an ambush now or preparing to better withstand one later, knowing how to get off the X by running your own Immediate Action Drill is invaluable for your and your team’s survival. To get off the X, you have to REACT: ● Recognize your reality ● Evaluate your position ● Assess possible exit routes ● Choose a direction & Communicate it ● Take action. In a life crisis, evaluating your position includes taking into account assets and losses, as well as the position and condition of others on your team. Even if you have limited time, keep the communications line open, urgently ask questions, get multiple points of information, and gather a quick big picture assessment of the situation.

Times Square, New York City

Great day meeting with my editing team @hachettebooks discussing the Dec 10th release of my new book Overcome! • Really excited about this book and know it is going to help a lot of people struggling with “life ambushes” they have encountered & are trying to move past!! • Time to get off the X! • Got to my bio to pre-order your advance copy! •

SEAL breachers are some of the best trained breachers in the world. We teach them to use everything from lock pick sets, to manual and mechanical tools, to explosive and thermal tools, to get over, go around, dig under, or go directly through obstacles. You might think anyone can blow up a building to get out, but not everyone can do it in a way that doesn’t you or innocent bystanders in the process. Breachers learn which tools work best in each situation, and they learn to make quick decisions based on the time they have on target and repercussions of each method. Over it, under it, around it or through it, breachers embody the Overcome Mindset.

Check out the new interview with Bill Crespo & Jason Redman talking about the Pentagon of Peak Performance. The Pentagon of Peak Performance is not just for the military and special operations. You can apply the Pentagon of Peak Performance to your business & personal life.

Jason Redman gives acceptance speech for $10K donation from QTS Data Centers on behalf of @getheadstrong

One of the worst things I see, and it happens frequently, is people get comfortable on the X. They get comfortable wallowing in their misery. Often when you're going through a life storm, others can see clearly that you can move one direction or the other to get off the X. They can give you all the advice in the world, but the question you still have to face is, "Am I unable to move? Or I unwilling?” That's really what it comes down to. If you're unwilling, you've grown comfortable in your misery.

Honored to spend the last 2 weeks of June down in Southern Florida with Bob Norton from Tenzinga working with the Miami-Dade fire department. Always enjoy meeting and working with our amazing first responders. I provided full day workshops on overcoming crisis, failure and massive adversity in not only our professional lives but in our personal lives also. Guidance on how to lead ourselves and others all built around the methodology taught in special operations and now translated to help everyone keep moving forward to success - "Getting off the X".

Stanardsville, Virginia

Hard to believe we have been together for 20 years. • Married for 18 • Three kids • Five Dogs • At least 30 cats • Enough other animals to fill a zoo • Three major life ambushes • Dozens of minor ones • It’s been a of a journey • I can’t imagine having anyone else to walk it with • You embody the Lead Always & Overcome All spirit • Whenever a major, minor or even micro life ambush hit our family you were always the first to Get off the X • Happy anniversary Long Haired Admiral • I look forward to seeing what the next 50 bring •

This is a question at the heart of leadership. How you handle a life ambush, how you handle any crisis, is dictated by how well you lead yourself and how well you lead others. If there is anything I have learned about leadership through adversity it is this: loss and failure expose our weaknesses as leaders. If you’re a leader in business, in your family, or just of yourself (and if you’re alive, congratulations, you’re the leader of yourself), then you already have faced or you soon will face a life ambush. How you deal with that ambush will either unlock your future success or limit it. My goal for this book is to show you what it takes to do the former—to not just survive a life ambush, but to become a person who will endure adversity, overcome it, and even thrive from it. Now available for pre-sale on amazon

Friday is the day to get ready for the weekend. Tough week? Remember you and only you can pull yourself up from negativity. Start now and get off the X.

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