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Jameela Jamil

Feminist-in-progress. Check out my other Instagram account @i_weigh it’s part of my revolution against shame. ❤️ she/her

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Welp. Officially Peak Tahani.

We got NOMINATED for an EMMY, and Ted got his very own nomination too. Wooooop. 🤘🏽

Just a selfie with @lizzobeeating ❤️ Have you seen our interview together on my IGTV?

Don’t. Do. It. Don’t even shame yourSELF in front of them.

My 4 minute interview about my approach to feminism and not being here for the fuckshit. ❤️ with @instylemagazine . Ps. The bit about the royals was filmed in mental health month. They follow a few different accounts per their theme every month. And we were so honored to make the chosen 16. It’s such a cool idea.❤️

Proud to be an @instylemagazine BADASS woman. ❤️ Interview online and in the magazine. Thank you @laurabrown99 for having me and being so fun. X

Me provoking people on social media every day... 🤘🏽 @iamtommyg

This is @swavay he is my family. And he’s also the best rapper in the world. ❤️

Clinging to Ted like my life depends on it...

God the relief of a better day. It’s been 5 days of auto immune . The endless gratitude for the moments of near wellness even never wears off. It’s a brilliant part of the human spirit. Hope you are making the most of the good days and the best of the bad days. Even if that just means hiding in your bed with Netflix, hating everyfuckingone, and everyfuckingthing, like I do. 🤘🏽

Ahahahaha this from @shopgagehuntley

This. Shit. Is. Hard. ❤️ and shout out if you are so tired of having to protect yourself in a bubble while so many other people are able to just eat what they want, take drugs, stay out all night, drink a lot, take risks, do sports.... etc. But you make one less than perfect choice and your day/week is ruined. The envy is real... I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I’m with you.

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