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Doug The Pug

👑 King Of Pop Culture 🍕 Twitter • @itsdougthepug ↓GET MY BRAND NEW DOG TOYS↓

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"If u want to make me happy, take me out for tacos" -Doug

"U shall call me squishy" -Doug

"I have the float, who's got the pool?" -Doug

"Don't forget to put sunscreen on my booty" -Doug

"When ur friend is late to pick u up...again" -Doug

Hakuna Pugtata 🦁

"Be jealous, I dare u" -Doug

"When u get caught peeing in the pool" -Doug

"Guilt free junk food" -Doug • The best part about my line of dog toys is that they're zero calories! It's Amazon Prime Day today and tomorrow, and u can get my brand new toys exclusively on there! Link in bio or find them on Amazon 🍕🍦

"Here comes the ice cream pug" -Doug

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom" -Doug • My brand new lion plushie is out now at @clairesstores and online! Link in bio 🦁

“When ur favs finally collab” -Doug • @billieeilish @justinbieber

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