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The 72-year-old tunnel connecting visitors to the infield of Pennsylvania’s Williams Grove Speedway has damp, warped walls, and reeks of cigars and race fuel. There’s an energy here — a pocket of hurried preparation hidden in quiet farmland — and I can think of no better way to spend a muggy Friday night than drinking cold beers and watching sprint cars slide sideways at 120 mph on the half-mile oval... . More on America’s Dirty Pastime on the @ironandair. . Story and photos by @durpaw .

You don’t duck down behind some sort of wimpy, wind-cheating fairing on the Pops Yoshimura-tuned Suzuki GS1000. You sit up, reach out for those high, wide bars, and hold on tight as this stripped-down bike with its inline-four engine tries to peel you off the seat at 150 mph... . More over on the @ironandair Journal. .

Reykjavík, Iceland

Executive editor @bychrisnelson spent the weekend mini-biking through rugged and remote Iceland with @thegambler500 crew. Here’s a bit of what Chris saw, and he’ll share his full story in our next issue, 037. This is the first time Gambler has gone overseas ... what country should it visit next?

This past May, I left the country for the first time for a much-needed vacation. My (@gregorygeorgemoore) partner @danielamariaphoto and I headed to Costa Rica to soak in some rays and live that “Pura Vida” life (translated to "pure life"). Instead of simply going to Costa Rica to have a siesta on the sand, we reached out to our friends at @nomad_america to set us up with a trick classic Land Cruiser so we could scratch those hard to reach places. We were fortunate we did, as the best places we experienced were well off the beaten path and the Cruiser was our ticket to ride... . We didn’t find much sun, but we found the next best thing, muddy river crossings. . Hit The Journal for more on our trip. .

Our friend Carlin Dunne, 36, died yesterday after he lost control of his Ducati V-4 Streetfighter near the finish line of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. After the defending “King of the Mountain” hit a bump in the road less than a quarter-mile from the finish line, he crashed and succumbed to his injuries. We’ve shed our tears for Carlin Dunne, who was one of the people we respected most in this industry. He had recently sold his Ducati dealership in Santa Barbara, California, and was looking forward to chasing bigger, better things for himself; he would’ve been even greater than he was. . Carlin was humble, open, respectful, and kind, always, and was one of the most talented motorcyclists in history. We know he died doing the thing he was made to do, but it doesn’t mean it should’ve happened, and it’s a terrible loss and a terrible sadness to feel. We miss you, Carlin, but we’ll see you again. .

Look right, keep left. It’s quite the experience driving on the opposite side of the road. Mantras and reminders necessary. And Scotland is much more beautiful in person. . Giveaway winner: @charliejboon Event: @mallelondon Bikes: @royalenfield .

Who’d come with us on an Airstream adventure? Tell us where we should go and tag a friend you’d bring with you. We wanna hear the wildest place we could muscle this beast. . This past week we traded two wheels for eight courtesy of @airstream_inc and @ford. We hit the the coastal route of California to test the agility of the 27’ Airstream Globetrotter through some of the twistiest roads we could throw at it. Full story coming soon... .

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