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Is it bad that I can’t wait to be 60?

Mochi could apparently feel my nervous energy while watching the @uswnt at the World Cup so she literally hid behind a pillow. Congrats USA on the win!

This is my friend Will. He looks crazy doesn’t he? And, well, he IS crazy. CRAZY TALENTED. And so is the rest of the awesome cast in @oklahomabway . You might say to yourself “Musical theater has never really been my thing though...”WELL THIS SHOW IS ABSOLUTELY MY THING SO IT CAN DEF BE YOUR THING TOO. If you are in NYC, see it. And bring your family. And some friends.

Caution: The new @PedigreeUS DENTASTIX SelfieSTIX clip may cause your dog to become irrationally fond of taking selfies. Just look at Mochi here, looking right at the camera. Plus, the eye-catching treat will freshen her breath and clean her teeth and gums. Head to @Target to get your own SelfieSTIX clip with purchase of select PEDIGREE DENTASTIX treats, while supplies last.

Farewell Munich. You were delicious.

Had a marvelous and sweaty first day with these legends. It feels like summer camp. Minus the puberty.

Hey Folks. Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Please join me in supporting awareness and change, and tag me when you do. Many thanks. @everytown

No series of Emojis could fully describe the gratitude and joy I feel about this, but I’ll try any way: 🙏🏼🙏🏼🔥🔥👍👍🍾🍾🦅🦅🍆🤗🤗✨✨📺📺💯💯🆒🌋🗽🚀

Do you love flashback photos AND entirely purple suits?! WELL TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. I’m posting this super old (2015) pic of me to show support for On Purple Day to honor those affected by lupus. Wanna help out? Go to:

Wonderfully written by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer : ・・・ Recently I was at a conference where the question was asked, “HOW MANY OF YOU ARE AFRAID OF TURNING INTO YOUR MOTHER?” Nearly everyone in the room stood up. This made my heart ache. My heart ached not only for the people in the room—who were all beautiful, creative, imaginative, and wonderful human beings. It made my heart hurt for their mothers—who will never stop being judged as failures. Because, my God, we never stop blaming the mothers, do we? How many years, how many dollars, how much energy have we all spent as a culture, talking about how mothers have failed us? What I want to say today is: Can we take a break—just for one day —and show some mercy to the mothers? Because being a mother is impossible. I don’t mean that it’s difficult. I mean: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. What we, as a culture, expect from our mothers is merely that they not be human. Mothers are meant to be some combination of Mother Mary, Mother Theresa, Superwoman, and Gaia. It’s a merciless standard of perfection. Merciless! God help your mother, if she ever fell short. God help your mother, if she was exhausted & overwhelmed. God help her if she didn’t understand her kids. God help her if she no gift for raising children. God help her if she had desires and longings. God help her if she was ever terrified, suicidal, hopeless, bored, confused, furious. God help her if life had disappointed her. God help her if she had an addiction, or a mental illness. God help her if she ever broke down. God help her, if couldn’t control her rage. God help her, because if she up in any way, she will be forever branded: BAD MOTHER. And we will never forgive her for this. So this is my question: Can we take a break today from judging the mothers, and show them mercy, instead? This doesn’t mean that what happened to you at the hands of your mother was OK. This doesn’t mean that your is not just means that maybe her was real, too.And if you are yourself a mother, and you never stop judging yourself for how you are failing...can you let it go for one day? Just for one day

When people hear the phrase 'Los Angeles' they imagine Hollywood, the beach, or their favorite actor. For me, I hear the second word, 'Angeles' and I think of one of the biggest National Forests in California. The Angeles National Forest is and I hope to keep it that way. That's why I'm partnering with @evianwater who is working hard to protect nature. Evian is certified carbon neutral in the US and Canada, and has pledged to make all of their bottles from 100% recycled plastic* by 2025. Oh and their water is great when you’re hiking your favorite trail. Long way of saying, if you're in LA, skip Runyon Canyon, and head for the Angeles with a bottle of water that's filled with naturally occurring electrolytes from the French Alps. . *excludes cap and label

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