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I cannot tell you how humbled and proud I was to be able to ride and fellowship with my black cowboy family... at the ... The black rodeo has been a part of the heritage for years... But you cannot describe the feeling when you’re actually there and Sharing in-the spirit of our ancestors… If you hear about the ... Please go and check it out and bring the family… It won’t disappoint… And shout out to @lamontclayton ... You made the day special for my family and my friends… I apologize for the video quality… But I wanted you to feel this…

Notice the skills... notice the technique… And notice how she slid past that word muthafuckah ... hahaha

They never give you any . They don’t give you a headache... they just give you love...

Super thank u to all of the fans of “The Jefferson’s “... it is with great pride to inform you that WE ARE NOMINATED!!!! EMMY’S!!!! So excited and humbled!!!

With the legend @jerryseinfeld talking about the legend Dave chapelle... Comedians in cars getting coffee on @netflixisajoke July 19th 🔥🔥🔥

Jimmy ray Red Foxx and Melvin b Jordan “I’m comin to join ya honey” haha

Congratulations @chrisbrownofficial on your number 1 album INDIGO... ... you are beyond talented... and I salute uu... and thank u for the beautiful moments you share with my sister @deondradixon You lift her so high that the tears well up in her heart and mine... thank u when @chrisbrownofficial says “I love u” and @deondradixon says “I love uu back”... ☁️ 9

Disneyland was 🔥🔥🔥 Star Wars world was unreal. My daughter used the force on my black ... she s a 10 year old Jedi!!! We also went to toon town to pay our respects 😂😂😂 @disneyland

New episode of @beatshazamfox tonight!! My co-star @corinnefoxx steals the show as always!! Tune in, we’ve already given away so much money this season AND don’t forget you can play along at home on the @shazam app to win some money yourself!!! 💰💰💰

As long as I’ve known and followed @serenawilliams career... she has been fearless... courageous... and historic in every swing of her racket... and every ounce of her character... it’s moments like these that shows me and the world what she is truly about… CLASS!! Pure CLASS!!

Shine bright like a “Diamond”... @thereallraye1 was killin Em... players club reunion... great seeing you... and @anderson._paak you are a light and a true talent.

that night at the @espys, I wrote and dedicated a heart felt song to @serenawilliams. still waitin on dat Grammy hahaha

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