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Haylie Duff

@littlemoonsociety @haylieduff ❤️ @realgirlskitchen

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Malibu, California

Annnd I’m back. ☀️ hauuir @andrewkyle

This kid. She is seriously the happiest baby! Just discovered she loves mango. 😊 Add it to the liiiist 💕

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland, thank you! ❤️ You are pure magic. And the Allen-Doherty (and more!) family ... I’ll never be the same!!! 🥰So much love for each and every one of you! 🥰🥰

Adare Manor Hotel

It’s Lady Duff & Lord Allen now... 😉 🥰

Ballymahon, Ireland

I’m never leaving ☘️ I’ll be sending for Matty & the kids 🤣 Tell my mother, I love her! ✌️

Malibu, California

The big dogs. ❤️

Feelin’ real good about my photography skills right about now. 🤣 Ryan, cute as ever, Dad caught in her bubble & a doggy makeout sesh 💋 on our favorite beach.

Summer days with my baby. ☀️

Malibu, California

Happy belated 4th of July! 🇺🇸❤️☀️💙🌼 Spent the day playing with family & friends... celebrating you, America! ✌️ And one of us even came home a bronze medal seed spitter! ** cough cough - Mrs. French!

Can we all agree every meal should be eaten outdoors in the summer? ☀️ As long as we have food on the barbecue, and @Heinz Simply Tomato Ketchup, my family is happy 🙌 And I’m happy because Heinz is made with real, simple ingredients that I feel good about serving.

Get yourself a bestie that makes your baby smile like this. 😽

Malibu, California

Babies in buckets! Brought to you by Sunday fun-day 🌴☀️ & Miller’s famous football @jennycharding 😂

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