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Harsh Man Rai

Co-founder @helmetstories, Garage52, MW and Rolling Stone India magazines.

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The Farm

Interceptor—it’s a name taken from Royal Enfield’s original lexicon and this new 650cc modern day avatar sure has some big boots to fill. To find out, @debu_s and I took our Interceptors on the road from Mumbai to Chennai. Here’s what I found out: The Interceptor is a no fuss machine that does it all… almost. Touring, twisties, gentle dirt trails—it goes, stops and turns better than most of us could ever want. It sounds good and has a tough, slightly muscular silhouette that is unmistakably Royal Enfield. Here’s a bike that’s all about the journey, not all about itself. It’s neither fast nor furious, not loud nor frenetic and does not clamour for attention. The Interceptor has a remarkable ability to step back, get out of the way and just let the pleasure of a great ride shine through. So what would I want more from the Royal Enfield Interceptor? More panache, perhaps. More of the unexpected. Perhaps the S&S aftermarket cans option? Anything to add a little swagger to an already solid, yet stolid, package •

Mustang, Nepal

When things get tricky, I just tell my self to breathe, relax and don’t make things too complicated. Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears... 📸 @cliftonshipway

Manang District, Nepal

Over the Himalayas is a hidden valley. Surrounded by the 8,000 metre-plus Annapurna range and the great peaks of Pisang and Chulu, the valley of Manang is wild and wonderful. The valley itself is open, but not too wide, impervious to the normal weather patterns because the Annapurnas in the south form a barrier that the monsoon can’t surmount. Instead, the Marsyangadi river, and the smaller streams and springs in Manang are fed by snowmelt from the mountains; they in turn water the meadows, forests and farmland down the length of the valley, allowing people to make a living off the land here. It is perhaps its air of remoteness, that far-away feel, which lends Manang its appeal for adventure motorcycling—a high mountain valley, with mountains towering over it—and the steady rise of a rolling, barren, beautiful Tibetan plateau to its north. There’s a trail, fast becoming a road, to Manang that is best done on a motorcycle. It offers soul-stunning panoramas, great food, comfortable lodges of stone and hewn beams; and the end of the day’s ride a hospitable culture that envelops in a warm embrace. And what better reason to ride, than to experience this world and the people that make it...

HillTop Goa

Met these two vela fellas back during 2013… and they offered to cook @helmetstories ‘ world-famous Goan Chorizo. Fortunately, they make and sell motorcycles better than they can cook 🙄

Tandi, Himachal Pradesh, India

One of my is at Drilbu Retreat, high over Tandi, when the mustard fields are flowering and the co-joined Chandra Bhaga river glimmers with the promise of adventure in the late evening sun…

Ladakh is a mythical landscape one builds up in the mind — until the time you go there and realise that everything is real. Tso Moriri, July 2016 … time to refresh memories…

Mustang, Nepal

Mustang, with its incredibly brawny topography and a road like this that does constant battle with it, is made to be explored by motorcycle. But, as you can see, it’s not for the faint of heart... shot on . -

Mustang, Nepal

Mustang is vast—big spaces with big features. Mountain tops soar above in startling proximity and sun soaked valleys stretch as far as the eye can see • The real winner here is the rider on a machine capable of travelling on such mixed terrain that expands the meaning of riding ‘anywhere’. Enter the @royalenfield which, disappointingly for the sceptics, performed admirably despite the power sapping altitude. • A road is being built at a feverish pace to tame this wilderness and this year I witnessed startling changes since my last ride here in 2018. I guess ‘progress’ is inevitable but there’s no denying that the Lobas of Mustang will greatly benefit from it with better access to education, healthcare and daily goods. • I would imagine that in a few years Pokhara to Lo Manthang could be done in a day, a journey that took us three bone-rattling days. Next time I ride to Mustang I suppose I could ride much faster, but that kind of defeats the purpose of my kind of adventure riding. I want to go further, not faster. I want to spend more days camping in the apple orchards of Ghemi, to gaze at the red cliffs of Dhakmar at sunset. I want to savour the (in)famous Apple cider of Marpha at leisure (and remember the events of the night before!), walk along the cliffs of Samar looking down at the emerald fields hewn out of this desiccated landscape. I want to discover new trails, sleep in the caves of Chuksang... perhaps this new road may just allow me to do that... .

Mustang, Nepal

A stand-up performance must end with a bow to the audience at curtain call... photographs by the ubiquitous @cliftonshipway @royalenfieldrides

Mustang, Nepal

Looking back at the that was the @royalenfieldrides to Mustang, Nepal. The riding was top-notch, the vistas unimaginably magnificent; but it is the camaraderie of friends old and new that made this a ride that will resonate long in my memory...

Kagbeni, Nepal

A twisted lot we are, finding so much joy in battling rocks, dirt and dust, eyes swollen shut by sunburn looking back at riding into the brilliant light of the unknown. Sharing a joke with @debu_s , probably at @ochacko’s expense 😆 •••• Photograph courtesy @royalenfieldrides on the most excellent to The Kingdom of Lo,

Mustang, Nepal

How many motorcyclists can you count in this picture? Riding in Mustang certainly gives the right perspective about your place in nature... @royalenfieldrides

Mustang, Nepal

The Mustang Dab -Step the current craze on the dance floor was perfected in the rock garden of Bhena accompanied by the beat of a long single and raspy breaths • • @royalenfieldrides

Mustang, Nepal

Whether it’s the open road or the road less travelled, my bike of choice lately has been the Himalayan for some pretty unforgettable adventures. I can take it to an extreme moto adventure, like the rugged, challenging trails of Mustang, and then ride it home on the highways—a kind of best for anywhere and everywhere motorcycle. While it is true that the Himalayan may not be 100 percent the top choice as an adventure motorcycle, the combination of flexibility and performance is unavailable in any other bike at this price tag @royalenfieldrides

Kagbeni, Nepal

The town of Kagbeni sits at the bottom of Muktinath Valley and is known as the ‘Gateway to Upper Mustang’. Looking north, along the Kali Gandaki, one can see the beginning of Upper Mustang...

Mustang, Nepal

Mustang would make a great setting for a Western, don’t you think? Does anyone have Tarantino on speed dial? 😂 Shot on @goproin

Mustang, Nepal

The splendour of Mustang takes my breath away. This is a kingdom of endless adventure, a visceral shock of riding beneath 8000-metres tall Himalayan giants while at the same time treading on marine fossils for once this was the bottom of the Tethys sea. Nestled among all this in crags, valleys and oases is an unique preserve of Tibetan Buddhism kept vibrantly alive by the hardy and wise people of Lo. There’s a road being built that mimics the route of the ancient trade caravans that will connect China to Nepal. For centuries caravans roamed the Kali Gandaki between Tibet, China and India, with salt, yak wool, cereals, dried meat spices and other goods. When the road is completed, it will become the most accessible China-to-India Himalayan corridor and, sadly, Mustang will inevitably change. @royalenfieldrides

Mustang, Nepal

This is the truckers route to Upper Mustang that begins when the cliffs at Chele narrow, squeezing the Kali Gandaki into a silver vein bending and twisting upon itself before it broadens once again before Ghemi, allowing access to the lost Kingdom of Lo. I have a mind to come back next year, at a time and season when the waters will not engulf my motorcycle and hopefully a little more skill to endure what I’m sure will be a most excellent adventure

Goodbye Nepal! Till the next adventure under the blue Himalayan skies!

Picking the line of least resistance through rocks, water, slime and scree, @debu_s pauses for respite before battling on...

The cliffs of Chhusang... all my nonchalance would be wiped clean on the often brutal ascent to Lo Manthang ...

Dhaulagiri Zone

The windswept crags of Mustang will linger in memory long after I hit the flatlands and I will dream of riding this achingly beautiful wilderness evermore on my trusty Loyal Enfield .: l

The straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God - Antoni Gaudi Riding down to Marpha from Samar, a whooping roller coaster of a road that is at once terrifying as well as helluva lot of fun...

Have boots will ride... looking down at the cliffs of Dhakmar on the @royalenfieldrides

Mountains are seeming projected on the horizon, staring down at us mortals on the @royalenfieldrides parting reluctantly to allow access to the Kingdom of Lo

Monks dance to celebrate Teji, the festival of peace and goodwill in Lo Manthang. Off-limits to foreigners until 1992, thanks to its ancestral isolation Mustang retains its ancient culture almost intact, and remains one of the last strongholds of traditional Tibetan life... @royalenfieldrides

Slip-sliding our way down the final descent to Lo Manthang, the capital city of Mustang on the @royalenfieldrides ...

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